An Idea......

Right this might be a terrible idea, BUT…<br><br>We need to improve the atmosphere at home games. ?To do this we need more numbers through the turnstile. ?They ain’t gonna come on their own.<br><br>How about an offical "Bring A Friend" day. ?The club nominates a home fixture - one in which we would expect to put up a good performance - and we all try to bring a friend down. ?Now i dragged a mate along a few seasons back, and we got knocked out of the FA Cup against Winsford - what a terrible day that was!. ?He wont come back again - and i have asked him. ?Alot.<br><br>So we need a twist. ?A carrot to dangle.<br><br>Here’s my idea.<br><br>Everybody who brings along a friend who does not normally attend Albion matches gets in for half price. ?As does the friend. ?Now in theory, the take over the turnstiles should remain the same (2 people getting in for 8 quid instead of ?16, but one of those people would never of been there in the first place). ?Sales of programs, pies, pints, golden goal tickets, etc should increase.<br><br>Now if we produce the type of football that we all know we can, then we should be able to coax some of these people along to the next home game.<br><br>OK, in practise it probably isn’t as simple as i’ve made it out to be - i couldn’t use any big words incase dave johnson wanted to read it - but surely it’s worth a try??

That is a "cracking" idea, we should try it, after all we have the family gate to interest youngsters into coming to games, why not an incentive for older people, even if it is only for one specific game?<br><br>WHS

i think thats a great idea lets hope we can get the go-ahead asap

Think the idea is ok in theory, but what if you get the same people turning up to the match and doubling up to save themselves half the entrance fee? How would the club be able to tell who’s new and who’s not?

Hey i provided the ship, now it’s up to those in the know to sail it!<br><br>We average lower end of 200+, so most faces should be well known on the turnstiles. REAL fans wouldn’t con the club. OK so maybe a few ‘occasional’ fans may manage to get in for half price, but maybe they’d miss this match otherwise anyway.<br><br>We need to try SOMETHING. At the rate they throw new houses up around Northwich, there must be some un-tapped support out there somewhere.

I agree it is a problem, but one that can be easily solved by giving vouchers to those at the next home game for them to present when they bring along a new fan. Anyone see any holes in that idea?<br>WHS

We could round up all the fans on tuesday night and brand them with WAFC. Then we know who the regulars are.<br><br>But seriously, good idea WHS. It’s up to the club now to decide if it’s a viable idea.<br><br>When JD was in the dug-out Mike Worthington was pushing for consistently getting 300+ at home games. We’ve since moved up a league (technically…), but gates are dropping. We’re playing better football than we have for years (when it clicks), so we just need to continue trying to come up with ideas. Some will work, some will not.<br><br>Was it Oldham who reduced entry to a pound for the new owners’ first game in charge?? I think they got their best attendance since they were in the Prem. Sometimes you have to take a hit in the hope that it generates future income.<br><br>We could charge a quid to get in, but a tenner to get out!!

It dosen’t stop the problem of 2 regulars coming for half price I don’t think there is any way of proving you are a ‘new’ supporter apart from honesty I think a better idea would be to give out discount tickets, say ?2 off the next league game or maybe a token for a free drink in the club after the game.

How about printing a "bring a friend half-price voucher" in the programme, then that may entice more people to buy that.

The idea is to get NEW faces through the turnstiles, so discount tickets just rewards the regulars.<br>Like i said, it’s sometimes worth taking a chance on something inorder to see benefits in the long-term.<br>I’m sure Graham knows most regulars’ faces by now, so he could assist with ensuring no fake ‘newies’ try to con the club they follow.

It is going to be difficult to get new faces untill we raise our profile in town.2 weeks ago I saw kids in green and white helping shoppers and giving out leaflets about their junior outfit.They gave me a leaflet even though I had Witton tracky top on!! Their is a die hard core of 250 or so fans like us at witton and the rest, where are they?? <br> Perhaps the commercial side could come up with some ideas.We need to "sell" ourselves to people in Vale Royal and get those lapsed Wittoners back.<br> Come on the Albs.

I think that progress in the FA Cup over the next few weeks gives us our best chance of getting new faces through the gates this season. The team play an exciting brand of football that is being recognised outside our league (see comments from Dario at Crewe). If we can build on that and get some results I think we will get people back.<br><br>But you only have to look over the canal to see how fickle folks are these days, so there is no room for any mistakes.<br><br>

The nominated bring a friend day seems worth a stab to me even if it only adds say 50 to the gate.<br><br>As for giving tickets etc hard to administer although separate gates could be set up etc the trouble is who is an extra person as discussed?<br>Could it just not be bring a friend day anyway? Bit like the Unibond run a family fun day?Maybe potential other offers could be done-happy hour at the bar maybe or some free sweets to kids through the family gate? <br>If your going to push one aspect we mite as well push the rest?<br>How many people would object to paying an extra ?8 for a one off day if everyone does the same? I usually pay for friends when they come to games - would others do the same?<br><br>The usual problem will however be - who is to do it-we can’t expect the board to run everything.

Neil do you want to analyise your last comment:-<br><br>‘I usually pay for my girlfriend’ :o

I expected a sarcy comment but not that quick!<br><br>Next thing people will think I want a happy hour so I can get a quick vadka in before the game!

the problem is that wittons profile isnt big enough. I walk through town sometimes and the only witton top i see is my own. if more fans wear the colours then the the untapped support robbo mentioned could think who are they and and go find out for themselves who witton are.

Come on Neil, everbody knows that Babycham is your tipple.<br><br>Anyway, glad i’ve at least got the brain cells working in regards to doing something for the club.<br><br>Me and Yox are considering doing a sponsored bike-ride or something to an away game to try and raise money for the club. ?What do people think??

In regards tp Lutkie’s comment, i must admit that prior to the Cheshire Cup final a couple of years ago (you know, the streaker one…), a few of us were sat in the Penny Black in Witton shirts when some old bloke came up to us to ask "where are you from lads, and which team do you follow"!!!

in all honesty in a town the size of northwich the people should know of the teams who play in them.