And another leaves...

Carl Frost has been released this evening. Again, good luck to Carl wherever you go to play your football.


Again, i suppose Frost and Proffit play a similar role and Frostie never really established himself last season. It’s a shame, but he’s missed alot of football with injuries and the squad is strong enough without him now.

Best of luck.

Both of them are coming back to Leek

Really hope that Carl, who like Tick always gave 100%, can stay clear of injuries and get back on the scoring charts - unless he’s playing against the Albion of course!

Good luck to the pair of them - wish them well in moving to a new club (or an old club as the case may be).

I though Tickle played very well in the games I saw pre-season, if it were not for how well Liam is playing then he could have been a first team regular. Frosty has struggled to hold down a place and injury has not helped him. I think it was probably between him and The Dozzler as to who stayed, Doryll had the benefit of a full pre-season. With Warlow, Crowe and Proffit, it means Frosty was probably fourth choice.

Ant Danylyk has come back to leek

Some people are well on the ball today! :o

Today’s Guardian says Turley and the Dozzler have left.

Turley - to be honest i’d forgotten he was still with us!!!

With Craven and Thornley coming in, i think Jim is right to let Turbo move on.

Never believe everything you read in Newspapers!!!

Robbo, you really must keep up to date with these things!!!


I never trust the media at any level

Can I quote you on that?

Yes. I have a particular dis-trust of the radio…

You tend to find the guests are the cause of most problems!

I believe this was certainly the case on the weeks either side of my own appearance…

On a side note; I noticed on the news there was a charity football match at Alty the other day organised by Glen McGrath. I’m not 100% sure, but i thought i spotted Rod Thornley amongst those involved?! Anybody else notice this on the news??