Another Disgraceful Result

2 - 1 down at Frickley tonight. Frickley had not won before this evening, and even after these three points remain anchored to the foot of the table!

Sadly another disappointing evening, which was ruined by a moment of stupidity.<br><br>Team:<br>Gibbo, Evans, Furnival, Pritch, Tickle, Nolan, RYAN Baker, Yates, Dicken, Moseley, Madin<br><br>Subs: <br>Burton for Madin<br>Bird for Tuckle<br>Salt not used<br><br>Firstly a bit of credit to Frickley whose ground has improved 100% since my last visit.<br><br>The game began I’d say pretty evenly with neither side creating all that much on a very bobbly pitch.<br>Frickley went ahead when an unmarked man (I think from a corner) lashed the ball into the top of the net. He must have had a good 10 yards to spare, but a good finish at that.<br><br>Albion did push them back a bit and tried a few one twos with varying success. The only effort of note being when Mike bundled himself into the box, with seeming the bounces on the pitch beating the defenders and mis hit a shot towards the bottom corner, keeper saved and Madin did well to grow and head over the keeper but against the underside of the bar.<br><br>A few minutes later (whilst at the tea bar, they had one this year so thought it rude not to take full advantage) Albion were awarded a penalty - reports vary as to whether it was or not, I didn’t see it so feel free to fill us in. Mike took it, it was saved but thankfully he reacted quicker than anyone (by a distance) and had about 2 minutes, it seemed, to pick his spot in the top of the net. 1-1.<br><br>With Albion now seemingly back in the game and on level terms, Dicken who had been at it all night proved not for the first time he’d left his brains at home and lashed out after being on the end of a late tackle, for which he had even been given the free kick. (Moseley was given a torrid time all night but never looked like getting involved in anything for one example) Just completley pointless. Again I didn’t see exactly what happened but did see the Frickley player fall to the floor. There appeared to be little protest from Albion players and I didn’t hear one fan defending him, and the captain didn’t get involved. A yellow for a Frickley player ad a straight red for Dicken. Class act well done. Given previous problems with his discipline, and what anyone could see was coming last night, close the door on your way out if that is going to continue to be your attitude. The fans/officials deserve better than to be let down like that.<br><br>Albion now having not really been playing well anyway faced an uphill battle.<br><br>2nd half began with no subs made, and without much incident. They re took the lead after a long ball over the top and Gibbo came rushing out allowing the player to side foot the ball into an empty net. Not quite sure what he was doing but given his decent performances I think he’s allowed a mistake.<br><br>Albion then to their credit did push and try to get something back, but sadly the usual slow build up allowed Frickley to get men behind the ball too easily and snuff any real threat posed. the best effort I can remember was a Nolan cross met excellently at the near post by Moseley, which was especially good as they seemed to be the only 3 in the attatcking 3rd at the time.<br><br>In the end we did put a bit of pressure on and several corners were won etc. (thought Bertie had a good penalty claim when he was used as a ladder but it wasn’t given) However we never seemed to create anything particularly and given our goalscoring form you felt it may be a bridge too far, especially with 10 men.<br><br>In summary we were out fought by what appeared a worse side imo. Yet again they coped better with the conditions and did have chances to score a 3rd (although they weren’t numerous) <br>Were we a victim of the new manager syndrome, they had to get a first win sometime as clubs at the bottom do, but…<br>The officials I didn’t think were great not wanting to often give free kicks for holding down/pulling etc but it seems they got their big decision right. They can’t do it for us anyway.<br><br>Disappointing again.<br><br>I have just found the Frickley report which is here so you can judge 2 sides of it:<br><br>;br&gt;

didnt make the game, a very bad result, would have thought a good opportunity to take 3 points. From what i have read Frickley were a battling side and looking at our team we didnt seem to have anyone with the will to battle or win tackles. We have players with good ability but no guile and determination. They play well on nice surfaces but when coming up against strong teams on poor surfaces we seem to strugle. We need more strength right through the team because the team that played last night is obviously not good enough

Totally agree- we’re simply not good enough. Lucky last week to get a point, and tonight nothing against the worst side in the league. Only one convincing win this season against another poor team Marine, we’ll finish half way in the league the way we’re going. Time for a change!!!

Probably a lot needs to be said about last night and a lot needs to improve and be put right for monday. Unfortunately i am off to work otherwise i would have put on a more detailed account. <br><br>But just a few things<br><br>Yes it was a pen, their lad brought his hand over the top of Mike and handled the ball.<br><br>DD well what can i say. No arguement from the players because apparently he did what the ref said he sent him off for, throwing a punch. Stupid, selfish imature act what more can i say? In my opinion its a matter for other people to deal with.<br><br>The performance we could go into all day and night and pull everyone apart. It was as if we had gone back to the performance of Winsford all over again, just not good enough and a right kick in the teeth after the previous three results.<br><br>No disrespect to peoples opinions on here but i do find it somewhat disturbing that people who didn’t go the game and see what actually happened have such an easy negative opinion to express. <br><br><br>

I don’t think there is any question that we were a victim of "new manager syndrome" on Friday night.<br>Right from the kick-off, they played with alot more heart and passion apparantly lacking in previous games.That said, Witton should have had the quality and experience to quell this exuberance and the game should have been ear-marked as 3 points.<br>The Dicko sending off certainly did’nt help matters, but we had plenty of the ball, especially in the 2nd half, to win the game in my opinion.The problem is we are not creating anything going forward. We are squandering half decent breaks with poor crosses and distribution and the service to the front two is practically non-existant. A point well illustrated by Mike when he lashed out at the net in pure frustration.<br>Make no mistake,our reasonable league position has been built purely on a solid defensive performance (9 goals conceded in 11 games speaks volumes) and luck e.g. the games against Workington and Spennymoor.<br>While our goals conceded column is magnificent our goals for leaves a lot to be desired.<br>Looking at the league table,even at this relatively early stage, it seems as though it is developing into a 3 or 4 horse race with Witton languishing well behind. Unless the teams above faulter dramatically or we go on an extensive winning streak (unlikely at the moment) this will turn out to be a disappointing mid-table season no doubt.

Are you starting to believe me now or are you still going to say I am talking through my backside. Time for a change or we might as well have the end of season presentation evening in December.

Didn’t reallt threaten that much but to be honest neither did they. Stupidly went down to 10men and they had 2 chances. One which Gibbo came for and should have stayed on his line for. If he had stayed on his line he would have to pull off a fantastic shot to score. Gibbo saved the other. We still need to improve but we are still in with a fighting chance of the playoffs.

Undoubtedly a bad result but by the sounds of it there have been some mediocre performances of late but results (Winsford and Frickley excepted) haven’t been bad. Isn’t that usually the sign of a team that will finish quite high up the league?