Any plans for 27.11.04

Any chance of a rearranged game for that day? moving the monday Workington league game to the saturday perhaps? [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Must have just been arranged this cos I checked this earlier!<br><br>We are away at Gateshead.<br><br>Great Gateshead and Bishops on consecutive Saturday’s, someone up there loves us!<br>(better than a Tuesday in March though I guess)

I’m not going to that! I refuse to go to gateshead away unless its free to get in cos’ its like watching it on telly except its bloody frezzing.

Honestly these fair weather fans!<br><br>If only they had those things from Blackpool pier that you put 20p into so you could see a bit further…<br><br>Now that would have been a money maker under JD if portable and placed behind the goal we were attacking!

One game a season!!! :stuck_out_tongue: