Anyone seen Greg?


Last seen with a face covered in make-up, asleep on the supporters coach, heading back to RS Travel’s Middlewich depot!


Get that picture downloaded off your camera and get it posted on here!

Unfortunately it was not on a digital camera, but there will be copies to pass around when i get my film developed!!!

Pornographic pictures are not allowed on this site, hence there are no pictures of Vics!!

I can confirm that he was booted off at Kingsmead traffic lights, even though i pleaded with the miserable tw4t of a driver to leave him on, or wake him up in Winsford. Boo.

I believe he was being pursued by an irate car driver ( something about damaging his car!) :wink:

I also believe he then went on to call his ex missus a cock. I must say "allegedly" at this point to prevent any legal action…