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For those of you that are wondering have a listen at the below<br><br><br><br>

When you listen again to this, it amazes you even further that the council has just given him ?50k of taxpayers’ money.


have heard they are having second thoughts now. ;D

I should flaming well hope so!!! That’s my money and yours.

Take action, don’t sit on the fence.

If anyone has any strong feelings on this and many spout but few action, then I suggest an e-mail to would be in order. This is the person responsible for the Rural Grants within Vale Royal BC.

I am awaiting the comments from my e-mail regarding the legality of the grant.

VRBC quote that grants are available to ’ not for profit organisations and people who have audited accounts!’ INTERESTING.

Cheers Chad.

E-Mail has been sent to the above address. The more of us that do this the better.

I’ve emailed as well - can they take over the facilities if Conman walks away?


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that the Northwich Victoria FC grant is being discussed at
the Performance & Quality Overview Committee meeting on the 7 March for
further review prior to any monies being paid.

At this stage all grant have been agreed in principle only and no
contracting arrangements have been agreed.

The Rural Delivery Fund does not exclude commercial organisations who can
demonstrate clear community benefit.

Kind Regards

Rural Delivery Support Officer
Strategic Partnerships


Sent email to Council, copy to local papers too.

I got the same response as well!

In over 6 months since this topic was last discussed, there has been no movement on the articifial pitches that were to be for the good of the local community. Did Connett receive the grant?! I was under the impression that he did.

Does this therefore mean that £50k - or whatever it was - of Taxpayers money has been sitting in an account earning interest for Connett over the last 6 months?!

Just a thought…

The problem is Stu, that’s your money! Do you really want his debts paid off with your hard-earned dough?!

Maybe we should get back in touch with to query this?

I have today emailed the council asking if a) the grant was paid; and b) if so, then to NVFC (2004) Ltd or to Beaconnet Ltd.

If I was in VRBC area I would certainly object most strongly. Not just from a footballing point of view, but also, as has been mentioned, giving money to such a dodgy operator as Conman. Surely his record must be under scrutiny at VRBC or is that asking too much! Cos I’m sure he really has the local community at heart hasn’t he? ::slight_smile:

I feel a petition is in order - if the decision has not been made already. I’m sure non-football fans in the town would also be interested in how their Tax money is being thrown away.

Dear Mark,
Thank you for your email, I can confirm that to date this grant has beenagreed in-principle. Details of the contractual agreements are beingfinalised.
Kind Regards
Funding Officer
Strategic Partnerships