Atmosphere at home games

[b][/b] [glb][/glb] Whats going on people are arguing and asking for atmosphere at the home games so i bring a drum to support the team and answer the requests of others but i am very very very dissapointed as no one sings along with the drum so i answer the big problem and people throw back in my face people were even giving me abuse about it telling me to f off so i took it away but i tried and i extreamly dissapointed if you didnt like the drum then why didnt you move as simple as insted of giving a load of grief extreamly dissapointed >:( >:( >:( [smiley=ranting.gif]

If any one has any ideas how to increase the atomsphere please tell me

Corbyn<br>Please ignore the people who had a go, the drum was brill, I loved it and so did the people around me. I am expecting the same on Wednesday, please do not dissapoint. You have tried something new and it worked. Can anyone play a trumpet. Keep up the good work

I have posted in the match reports bit my thoughts on the drum-if we’d known who it was who said that to you I’d have said something to them.<br>Dont be put off! I think the flag, drum and a horn mite even wake lincoln up next week!

Please, no drum! I’ve missed the last two games, but am not planning to miss any more home games. My plans will change if I know I’m going to have to put up with that row.

Corbyn,<br> Keep up the good work mate.Drum was brilliant.Is it Matlock who have a trumpeteer? then why not a drummer at Witton.<br> Moaners like spuds are everywhere.You just learn to ignore them. ;D

:slight_smile: KEEP THE DRUM ?:)<br><br>Its class, just the kick that a few of our fans need!!!