Atmosphere For Bring A Friend Day

I am bringing a couple of friends on the Bring A Friend Day - one is even travelling up from Stoke to see the mighty Albion!
The thing that i have got across to them is that Witton play some fine football AND the supporters are passionate and loud. So this is a call to our fans that stand behind the goal, that set the atmosphere for the game and just don’t shut up throughout the match; we need to be in fine voice - lots of singing, loudly!!! Although i am no doubt certain that the happy hour before the game will contribute towards this :wink:

Not only will this prove to my mates that i’m right, it is also so that the friends that do come with other fans enjoy the atmosphere so much that they want to come back! This is the aim of the Bring A Friend Day!! (or at least i assume it is - sorry if i’ve stepped on anybody’s toes with this post!)

The drum needs to return!! Bring back the drum!!!


Totally agree Dann. The atmosphere at our games is great now but it’s something we can improve on. Thats why this initiative is a great idea. We need to turn our ground into a fortress though all be it friendly where opposing fans know that it will be hard for their team to win but at the same time find our fans have friendly banter rather than than violent tendencies. We need our crowd to be even more vocal so that Jim and the lads feel they have a one gaol start before they get out there.

Treat it like a big away day, like Stamford all over again. Get some red and white balloons.

We’ll have a new Big Flag hanging behind the goal for starters.

You’re not hijacking - glad people are taking an interest!

Drag as many people as you can along - ex Wittoners or newbies they all count!

I do hope my letter in the Chronicle and the Guardian will bring out some of those missing Wittoners, with bigger gates I am sure we can push this team to the Championship.

The letter was great Alan. I tried the same thing the week before but you were far more eloquent than me. My letter was basically aimed at those Witton part time fans who turn up for the big matches and then tend to moan about certain players. There is one person in particular who I’m thinking of but there are others of the same ilk. They need their brains sorting out because this is the best team since Stan Allans and they play some fantastic football most of the time so you’d want to see the games. If my son can come back from Oxford for some games then some of our part timers who live round Northwich can make it more often themselves. I know you have difficulty in getting to some matches yourself and this is acceptable when you have a family and other demands on your time. I will miss Saturdays game because it’s my mums 84th birthday and I’m taking her to the Ballet in Manchester. So instead of watching Peersie dancing round their defence I’ll be watching some people dancing on a stage! These are the sacrificies you sometimes have to make and my mum would be livid to know I’ve missed a game which is why I had to lie and tell her I’m working Saturday morning so could n’t get there in time anyway!! Lets hope the bring a friend day generates some bigger crowds for us. Jim, Benny, The board, and the workers behind the club all deserve a better following from the Northwich public. Lets cheer us on to winning the league now that Telford look very beatable!!