People moan about us getting 250 attendances but Bishop Auckland V Farsley Celtic yesterday only managed to attract 83 people. Considering the distance isn’t that far. We will probably out number BA when we go there in November and thats only gonna be about 25 of us.

A fair point indeed!<br>Disappointed as I’ve been with some of the gates this season. (I can kinda see why though at times) We are still attracting some of the highest gates in the league.<br><br>Further more a point i forgot to mention below, <br>Marine was the 3rd place we’ve visited where it was ?7 to get in. Marine, Burscough and Guiseley being the "culprits". Radcliffe will also be the same on Tuesday as will a couple of others I think (esp ex old Premier sides). <br>With that in mind and the facilities at WP is ?6.50 that bad value?<br>Just a thought.