Away at Blyth

As we have a Saturday off on the 4th you’d want to see our team in action as much as possible as we chase promotion right?<br><br>Well 9.30am we depart on the longest trek of the season to Blyth. ?10 will get you a place on the team coach to hopefully see us beat another team in green and white.<br><br>We’ll be home before Sunday and I’ll show you where the chippy is. Go on you know it makes sense. Contact myself if you wish to come on the coach.<br><br>cheers<br>Neil

Just to clarify that the Blyth game is on Saturday 28 January.<br><br>We may yet have a game on 4 February.<br><br>GE

Apologies I didnt make it too clear!<br><br>Just get yourselves up there!