Bamber 2-1 Witton

Well that was a bit disappointing wasn’t it.<br><br>Not gona rant on like some of the people this evening, we’ve gone 13 unbeaten and improved incredibly over last month or so and at some stage it was going to go against us.<br><br>They were poor, we were a little better imo, how many first class saves was Ralph called upon to make? <br>But yes we were too deep in the 2nd half and the equaliser did appear to be coming similar to the Whitby and Blyth games. Tactically we can claimit was lost, but do you change a winning team or even your first choice team with 10 miuutes to go in a cup final when your winning? I probably wouldn’t!<br><br>Lets just hope for 3 points Saturday, a good end to the season and a win to see Pritch off with and maybe even a 6th place finish - that would be a credible achievement.<br><br>Finally a gate of 260, good showing folks well done!

Okay.<br><br>Didn’t see that one coming!!<br><br>Not much else to say really about the football. Thought Stanners had a great game and that we generally didn’t play to our best.<br><br>I’ve got a lot to say about why once again I’m ashamed to be associated with our fans.<br><br>How low can we actually stoop? Slagging off our own players and manager after the game? These people weren’t the enemy last week when they had all collectively pulled our season back on track and we had a chance of reaching the play-offs again? Or when we thrashed Lincoln 5-1 away.<br><br>What is wrong with you? Is it your aim in life to actually drive away the one manager and team that actually look like they will achieve our promotion goal next season? Because carry on like you did tonight, and we really will have a rubbish manager and team and something to REALLY moan about; I certainly wouldn’t stick around as a member of the playing staff listening to abuse like that.<br><br>Believe it or not, those players and the management strive to do the best they possibly can. The intention was not to get beat tonight. It happens. They were just as upset, if not more upset, than the fans.<br><br>Quite frankly, I have no time for the morons anymore. You all know who you are, or maybe you’re so moronic you don’t actually know what I’m talking about. If I had my way, none of you would be welcome at the POTY on Saturday; if I was the players or management I certainly wouldn’t want to be socialising with you.<br><br><br><br>[/rant]<br><br>Please don’t let these 5 or so fans ruin it for the rest of us.

Agree with much of what Neil and Debbie said, the team is looking ahead and much improved - and debbie is right we do have some mindless people who watch us - cant call them fans can you ! . questions was it a penalty ? and why was stanners sent off ?<br><br>The only thing I disagree with ! was not changing the team around - it was blindingly obvious that they were going to score, our midfield had lost a the grip on the game and they were overrunning us, at times like this latham shows he cannot defend well, although good going forward, and is ralph any good under pressure, is it any coincidence the spate of late goals conceded are around the period he has joined us - id bet if kennedy had stayed in goal till end of season wed have a cup and be in the playoffs.<br><br>Finish of by saying well done to the mgt team and Board for pulling the season around from a dismal low point under JD and lets get behind them for next season - and hope they can replace that man pritch we will miss his leadership more than his play I suspect and hes a great player. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

???GUTTED - GUTTED - GUTTED.<br><br>More gutted about the reaction at the final whistle of some of our followers.<br><br>Criticism is one thing and have to agree with CJ on most of his points AGAIN!<br><br>But ABUSE is totally different to criticism and it was disgraceful and embarrasing to hear in the name of WITTON ALBION.<br><br>Finally a bit of black humour.<br><br>Whats the difference between WAFC and David Blunkett?<br><br>David Blunkett can hold onto a lead!<br>


yes you are right , no hiding on this. let me start for apologising for my part in last night, i am gutted. i so wanted witton to win last night and i truely believe we should of done. its frustrating that had we held onto leads against leek, hyde, bamber (twice), blyth, and whitby we would be cup winners and in the playoffs now. that frustration aswell as emotion (and yes, alcohol) spilled out last night, although that is no real excuse.<br>i’m sorry to both gary’s, the players, and the rest of the fans - and to andy chad aswell.<br>i’m sure gary finley will lead us to promotion next year, and its good to see that the players do seem unaminous on this - however can we please try to hold onto the lead on saturday? for pritch’s sake if no one elses!<br>not much i can do the turn back the clock 24 hours, and although i am still very angry that we threw that game away, the best i can do is apolgise again. sorry.

I don’t know his name but the assistant manager/coach of Witton Albion should be ashamed of himself after last night’s cup tie.<br>He was verbally abusive to Bamber Bridge supporters throughout the evening, both men and women alike.<br><br>I can only assume this person has distinct a lack of vocabulary.<br><br>I also witnessed his threatening behaviour to Witton Albion supporters, who have every right to express their opinions! He had to be restrained on several occasions by the fourth official.<br><br>This person is a disgrace, both to Witton Albion Football Club, and non league football!!

Respect to Robbo for the apology; he wasn’t the only one though.<br><br>Am sure the Gary’s would appreciate the apology face to face though; I’m pretty certain they don’t use the message board.<br><br>It’s a shame that I can predict each time who the culprits will be; time to change the record perhaps?

Couldnt get to the game do to work commitments and I am gutted for not being there. <br><br>Some you win some you loose. At least we are were there to try and win it. <br><br>I was not at the game but could have a pretty good guess as to who the idiots were. <br><br>GF and his team are winners in my eyes just hope they can stay together for next year and win everything. Maybe even a good FA Cup run, who knows? <br><br>Did we get into Europe or are the FA still deciding on Champ League places!!

Brig supporter, dont be coming onto this site making comments like that.<br><br>The person you are mentioning has done more for football clubs across the country, than you have ever achieved in your sad little life.<br><br>Im sick of people like you, no-one should have to put up with thet type of abuse that occurred that night, nor any other time.<br><br>Im glad the mgmt team had a go back at whoever was directing comments towards them, i wouldnt stand for it either. Its pathetic.<br><br>Why dont you keep your comments to your own website, run off and talk about unibond division 1 topics, direct abuse at your own team.

Perhaps you should try reading my message again before posting such an embittered reply.<br><br>Unless you were a direct witness to this persons behaviour then I would suggest that you should not comment any further.<br><br>If this person has "down so much for football", then surely he should be setting a much better example in his role of assistant manager/ coach than on Tuesday evening.<br><br>His language was disgusting, as were some of his comments, and personally I don’t care what he has done for football there simply is no justification for his appalling behaviour.<br><br>P.S The definition of Forum: a meeting or opportunity for an exchange of views!!!<br><br>P.P.S. The old gags are the best aren’t they?<br> [smiley=banane.gif]

Typical pompus reply i was expecting. i bet your at least 50 + years of age. <br><br>And by the way, i was at the game, i know the ref was being assessed in the stands by a premiership referee, i heard some of the abuse and witnessed what was being said.<br><br>Anyway enough said, im bored of this now.

Referee did well on Tuesday, and he wasn’t been assessed by a Premiership referee, there were 10 of them there, on a training course up the road, so they came to watch the match.<br><br>Lets look forward to next season

I am sure the Brig supporters were saying how he was a wonderful chap & was managing a very good football team before this verbual abuse?<br><br>Very much doubt it. If you provoke then this may happen.

[smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]What a pity you hillbillies didn’t make the playoffs!!!<br><br>No, you’re not bored you just can’t make it up anymore. I wasn’t talking about the referee at any stage luvy, I was talking about the FOURTH official, that’s the person that stands near the dugout, the EXTRA official.<br><br>Not the person with the whistle who runs about on the pitch,or the person who runs up the touchline with the orange flag, or the person who runs up the touchline with the green flag.<br> [smiley=banane.gif]<br>THE FOURTH OFFICIAL!!!<br><br>We won the cup!!!. We won the Cup!!! (Yes I know you’re dying to reply with "It’s a mickey mouse cup".<br>Eeayadio "we won the cup!!! [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]<br><br>And no I’m not 50+ ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D<br>

who are the five culprits???<br>we would like too know???