Bamber Bridge 1-1 Witton Albion

Team: Gibbo, Farley, Connors, Pritchard, Furnival, Foy, King, Barlow, Stannard, Moseley, Yates.<br><br>subs: Madin, Burton, Evans (on for Farley after 20mins)<br><br>Scored a goal early in the second half after a dreary first half through Yatesy with a great chip over the keeper. Good chances then fell to Moseley & King before we gave it away by not clearing the ball and then giving away a penalty.

Which was not a penalty as Gary Furnival clearly slid and took the ball cleanly from the forward. However it was not what the ref thought, one of many strange decisions all day. Is it really that hard for officials to be consistent? Seems to be different rules depending on the colour of your shirt. For example wear white you will get several warnings and never be booked or be allowed to launch players at your hearts content. Wear red and white and the first late challenge, sorry first foul of the game that should be, you get booked! Or does that sound unsporting of me? <br><br>Pitch was woeful, resembled a paddy field at the very best and in my opinion was dangerous to play on, however i am sure we will play on worse pitches before the end of the season.<br><br>Just one point about the pen if it was a foul then why was our player not booked? In fact since he was last man and stopping a goal scoring opportunity inside the penalty area why wasn’t he sent off? The whole farce of teh penalty and the subsequent lack of action by the official sums up the game. Roll on Farsley.

Perhaps the ball should have been cleared properly by the person who was earlier cautioned (!) and the referee would not had to give the resulting penalty.<br><br>He (the referee) was poor today and was not of the standard we have had.<br><br>GE<br>

Perhaps the ball should have been cleared properly but its not like it wasn’t whacked was it? Nice to see forwards jumping 4ft in the air to block a clearance, a lesson to be learnt all over the pitch i think!<br><br>Its just bloody typical of us though isn’t it. We score or play well create enough chances to win the game comfortably and all the time you know that given half a chance or an error from anyone will be punished, its just us all over.<br><br><br><br>

Generally pretty poor I thought.<br><br>Pitch was bad but the conditions actually better than I was expecting. (Admitedly though I wasn’t out there playing on it.)<br><br>Didnt see the penalty (the lights were bad too) but did see the protests. Sadly these things happen - you were the closest of the lot of us Pritch so I guess we’ll take your word for it. <br>As for your booking I thought you won the ball! Then you can hack Connors down in full flight on the touch line and barely get told off! <br><br>Despite all this if we can’t beat what looked a terrible side then we have to look at ourselves a little more too. Yes we had chances, King, moseley and Stanners probably missing the best of them. <br>Will we ever win away again? Only 380 miles to find out in a forknight… If your happy and you know it clap your hands… [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Two poor team performances, p1ss poor game on a poor pitch with a poor referee!<br><br>POOR I’d say ;D ;D ;D

i think albion can only blame themselves. thought we played extremely well down the left with Connors an Stannard showing exactly why when the ball is on the left we r at are most dangerous. thought the strikers played extremely well by closing down the defence an not letting them play the ball through the park like they did at home to prescot. things can only get better, hope the manager brings in sum new faces like King an Connors.