Bank holiday Monday's predictions

Afternoon all, results from Monday as follows, “Ewld spooners” first,

  1. Billy Wright,Chad snr
  2. Chris Evans, Bulmer, Alan Jackson, Dean meadows, Neil picko, Daz, Jeffers Powell, Bryan S, Andy conneely,
  3. Crouchy, Rosie Westland, Bryan huxted, Wiffy, John spruce, Ian Watson, Jeff metcalf, Pete wilding, Matty Poole, Ali Atkins, Terry Holland, Yox, Frank, Bryan S2, Mark Holland, Lenny Holman,
  4. Elsa, Brad t, Pauline spruce, Tony Walton, Neil Wilson, Dave Nield, Bob nancollis, Den conneely, Ste light foot,
  5. El presidente, G knop, Jimmy Hellens, Tracey love, Andy p, Drew Haspell,
  6. Me!, Bec, Gaylord Carter,
    Joint winner with seven a piece and 34 goals each are gazza and Scott’y Powell, well done boneheads, £23.50 each, give it you on the bamber bus Saturday.