One word to describe this performance " WOW"

You could have told us the score aswell!?

3-0 But let us not get too excited, it was a friendly. See you all when I get back from Egypt in a fortnight.<br>WHS

Lets not get too excited - fair enough its only a friendly but it makes a 4-0 win at nantwich look disappointing now!<br>Its fair to say certain players look confident, enjoying their game,linking together etc - thats surely what we want at this stage?

Let us see how we go at North Ferriby then put the money on!!!<br> Actually we could all put a tenner on at 16-1 and agree to give half the winnings to the squad, that would be a hell of an incentive to the players especially if say 50 supporters did it. By my calculations it would put ?4,000 into the wages pot, of course they would have to win the league to collect!!!<br>WHS.

Hang on a sec we could end up with a relegation and a 30point deduction for that WHS!