Benny Phillips

Now assistant manager at Chorley.

Oh my god for a minute there thought you were going to say he was coming back here. Phew

Is that a perm-anent move?

Perm-utations are endless.

Hair today gone tomorrow?
That’s the bald facts.
Perhaps he’ll bring on the fringe players.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.

The nonleague website is reporting that Benny has had second thoughts about the assistant’s job at Victory Park. He has decided to stay in the Manchester area.

Heard he’s gone to Stalybridge as assistant to Steve Burr

Presumably Chorley feel mul-let down.

Has all this been confirmed, or is it just hairsay at the moment?

Will there be further perm atations ?

I think hairy jokes are quiff enough now but
Toupee or not toupee that is the question.
Now that is scraping the barrel,over to you folks.:laugh:

With jokes like that you’ll be in for some wigging.

what a hair-raiseing decision.

It never ceases to amaze me that people like Benny Phillips keep getting jobs in football, he wouldn’t know a good footballer if he fell over one and his knowledge of tactics was non existant.

You are so righr WHS.

Actually Vi8 I think I was a bit harsh on Benny, he certainly did know a good footballer when he got Warlow for us from Crewe. In fairness he failed because we had no money not because he was no good, if you haven’t got the players you are bound to be a bit defensive. Good luck Benny, I hope a team with a bit of money gives you the chance to show what you can do with the right players.
PS My hair is shorter than Benny’s, it’s a sign that your brains are so big it pushes the hair out!!

Benny didn’t get Warlow? :huh:

Benny didn`t get it !

I must admit, as a supporter, I didn’t thing much of Benny. However, my opinion changed when I won the raffle to be the fan in the dressing room and on the bench for our Cheshire Senior Cup Final against Stalybridge a few years ago.

I was very impressed with his team talk, and his tactics for that game, and against all odds (we had many players cup-tied and played several reserves), we went on to lift the cup.

I am also aware of his ability to attract sponsorship to any club he is at, something he did very well for this club in the past.

Best of luck Benny, where ever you end up.

Again…Benny wasn’t in charge for that game?