Best 11?

We have had more than half the season to judge the quality of this year’s squad - so having done so, who do you think makes the first team 11?<br><br>To kick-off;<br><br>Kennedy<br>Spearrit<br>Pritch<br>Barras<br>Brownhill<br>Connors<br>Lloyd<br>Caghan<br>Moseley<br>Warlow<br>Peers<br><br>Any alternative suggestions?<br>

  1. Kennedy<br><br>2. Hockenhall<br>3. Brownhill<br>4. Pritchard<br>5. Barass <br><br>6. Gaghan<br>7. Alex Brown<br>8. Connors<br>11. Peers<br><br>9. Moseley<br>10. Warlow<br><br>12. Rob Lloyd<br>14. Griff Jones<br>15. Allistair Brown<br><br><br>

Forgot Miller aswell<br><br>he would be on instead of gaghan for me going on current form

Got to agree with Stu’s team. However, Rob Lloyd has apparently played right back for Crewe, so maybe give him a run there?

Got to agree Tom’s distribution leaves a lot to be desired, if Connors is back why not Lloyd at right back? I would also play Miller on current form before Caghan, but to be honest I think our best team would be:- Kennedy, Lloyd, Barrass, Pritchard, Brownhill, Caghan Connotrs Brown, Peers, Mosely and Jones. Subs, Warlow, Hockenhull and Spearitt. This is more like the team that got us into the top four, we should return to it ASAP. Why Caghan? because Warlow goes back to Crewe soon.

Adam Warlow is here for the season but in my opinion, I would play Griff Jones ahead of him because his all round contribution to the team is better.<br><br>Warlow is still a young lad, his record so far regarding goals has been very good but, his all round game seems to be lacking at times.