Best Game?

Continuing on a similar theme - what has been the best game of the season do far?<br><br>I’ll start with Stamford away in the Trophy - any better suggestions?<br><br> [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

For atmosphere then yeah Stamford.<br>For the ‘neutral’ i guess boxing day would of been an exciting match!<br>Vauxhall was good aswell. And Ferriby away!

We win 8-1 and it’s not the best game!!!<br>WHS

Hard to disagree that an 8-1 win should be the highlight of any season (especially when 8 was such a topical number) ha ha ha.<br><br>I think Stamford however was fantastic on many levels; the bravado from their fans in the days before the game (what happened to the band btw?), the coach trip, the result and the players singing in the Stamford bar.<br><br>Best memory of the season so far, although hopefully we will have bettered this by May 2007!<br>

Has to be Stamford.a great day great win and wonderful hospitality.Must congratulate Stamford for their wonderful "freundschaft".<br>Now what about the worst so far? Any bids for the Winsford Game eh? :-/

Home game - Vauxhall<br>Away game - Stamford

Worst one I saw was against Radcliffe, then it had THAT GOAL!!!<br>WHS.

Best home game=cant remember ???<br>Best away game=cant remember ???<br>They must have been good if we cant remember!! ;D

I cant remember writing that post!!<br>Must have been a good night ::slight_smile: