Best Team

So far its been an excellent league campaign from us ,you and Burscough and whoever gets the most points by Saturday tea time will be the team who deserves to win the league, obviously if its not us (telford)i hope we can go on and win the play offs
Heres hoping for a great game on Tuesday with a great atmosphere,and it can remain friendly i for one can;t wait.

I concur wih every word.

[color=red]What happens if the league ends in a tie?? is it decided by goal difference or goals scored?? hopefully it wont come to this though … come on witton!!![/color]

goal difference then most goals scored.

then results between the repective teams, then goals scored by each team aginst the other team. ???

Failing that, a neautral ground is selected and everyone has a big game of conkers. Winner takes all.

Big Gaz wins his conkers are massive! :wink:

Thank god it goes down to conkers, if it was a drinking contest we would be f*******!

Look, I have a justifiable reason for talking rubbish, I am a certifiable idiot, you lot are too young to be that far gone.