Billy is Back

Billy is back billy is back
hello hello
Billy is back billy is back
Hello hello

thought i’d come on one last time to say its been fun having the banter with you lot on here, but as i am sure you will be happy i wont be on anymore…dont miss me too much (rabbit i wrote the book on sarcasm)

maybe as i will be at Droylsden next season maybe we should get a supporters game on during the season…

I think it was wrong that Billy was removed. Even though he is a tsser and talks Bll*cks, the comments after,:cheer: by others reveled alot of info that i never knew, and wouldnt have know had Billy not commented on.

Happy for you to stay as long as you want Billy, I quite enjoyed your revelations regards our former manager, feel free to berate him whenever you fancy!!!

I win arguments for a living so whenever you want to be beaten next just give me a shout!

There are far better sources of information Jono than our dear friend William, the best advice is to ignore what he has to say given that one minute he says something was untrue and the next minute changes his story. Billy appears to have a split personality, but as a friend of the snake that should come as no surprise!


We’ll let the public decide Billy, think of it as a forum based Big Brother, eviction can happen at any time. You have obviously got plenty of times on your hands to re-register!

Rabbit my job was not to come on here and tell you what is right at your club or what is true it was to come on here and just dangle some bait which i did and it worked very well…you all took the time to read my post and the majority of the time people replied irately!

i know from the people i know at the club and previously at the club there are a lot of things not right and as always the supporters are mainly told what people think the want to hear, you blame Jim for a lot of the goings on but whether he is or not is there a reason behind this if he is…all i am certain of his he did a lot for witton and two 2nd place finishes is a highly commendable achievement for any manager but unfortunately that didn’t win promotion and not two months back he was the man to lead the club forward.

i think you will agree there is a lot s*****g on people when people try and make it to the top and at witton there seems to be alot of it from all parties in one way or another and maybe this complete overhaul is just what the club needs…unfortunately you had to lose some good players on the way but if you gain promotion next season it will all be worth it but even if you dont i am sure you will still be supporting them the season after…

i have watched witton alot over the last two seasons and they were always good to watch and thats why i shall be down to watch one more time in a friendly against an up and coming young exciting team with a bright future who play exciting football to boot.

Although as a supporter it was hard to see the players and manager we idolised so much taken from us, especially with no recompense. It has been like somebody has stabbed us through the heart.

However, in retrospect, it is the loss of true wittonners who have given blood for this club, leaving us in some sort of twisted way that they think they are responsible for the events that led to all the players and the manager leaving the club.

We now understand that the real loss to this club are the stalwarts, who made this club tick, but because of the actions of our once revered manager, they like true samuri warriors, have fallen on their swords.

It looks imposssible to change these proud men into changing their minds, and in someways I can’t blame them. Their integrety has been so wrongly been brought into question, and we as fans have been too quick to look to them as the culprits of our demise in the loss of our manager and our players.

It would be nice to turn back the clock and instead of supporting our manager and our players (which seemed right at the time), that we supported our Chairman, our Board, and our football secretary. I can understand their bitterness after their years of unpaid work that we didn’t appreciate fully. We can only say sorry to them that we didn’t. Maybe at some point in the future, they will forgive us, and come back to the fold. However, I understand if they don’t.

Thatched you make a very good point, although overall we support the ‘club’ and not individuals.

I would agree with you 100% in regards to the loss of a club secretary, this in my opinion being the biggest loss of all (beyond the chairman, manager and players). Unfortunately I cannot release the former chairman for his overriding responsibility to manage the spending, the revenue generation and the contract situation. The chairman did a fine job for Witton over many years and we owe him a lot (in more ways than one). Remember as fans all the money we raise and put into the football club is gifted whereas in the case of others monies loaned are repaid, the fans put in £13k last season and the chairman something like £15k, he will get the money back. When assets that total something like £50k in value are allowed to walk through the door it is poor business, in anyone’s eyes.

I never suggested that the chairman should go but there were serious aspects in the running of this football club that needed to be reviewed and therefore the lessons learned on many levels through this episode may ultimately be very valuable. The football club is not a place for individuals, it need to be run in a democratic and not autocratic manner, it needs to balance its books and have transparency in the way it is run. Most importantly it needs to make progress to ensure it is here in another 100+ years as it has been already. There is a proud history to protect and at the same time needs to be a strong vision for the future that is not reckless, haphazard or risk laden. People like GE are fundamentally the rocks on which this should be built and I hope he can be persuaded when he feels the time is right to come back.

Billy when you come to watch the friendly game would you please make yourself known to the gate person ?

… and there will be 50 or so people behind the goal equally eager to know your identity.

Greenie wrote:

Which is about 40 more than you’ll find behind goal at Droylsden!!!


Greenie wrote:

you’ll need more than 50 or so…and anyway i have been behind that goal on many occasions so i am now quaking in my boots

IS ruddy Billy really James Vince in disguise?
We could do the chant "Are you Vincey in disquise!!

No he isn’t but we know who he is.