bishop auckland V witton

bishops 1–witton 2<br>goals barlow and sargy. <br>very good perfomance by all the team. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]

Albion began the game missing several key players namely, Pritchard, Dicken, Moseley, Evans and Nolan and lined up:<br><br>Gibson<br>Salt<br>Tickle<br>Furnival<br>Hughes<br>Kevan<br>Barlow<br>Foy<br>Stannard<br>Sargeson<br>Burton<br><br>Subs:<br>Yates for Stannard<br>A. Carden for Burton<br>A. Clarke<br><br>Albion began brightly and forced a couple of early free kicks and corners but didn’t create much of note. ?<br>Mid way through the 1st half a long ball by Salt was misjudged by the defence and Sargy missed a one on one with the keeper. ?<br>The only other real chance I remember was just on half time when Burton got on the end of a Sargy cross to stab the ball about a foot wide. ?<br>In between these incidents bishops had taken the lead with an excellent 20 yard chip which found the top right corner. ?<br>Bishops had the better of the 1st half, and appeared to be getting far too much time on the ball, especially in midfield.<br><br>The 2nd half was tremendous though, 2 goals in quick succession from Sargeson and then Barlow. ?We also hit the post twice, the bar once and had one just cleared off the line. ?there were also a couple of decent saves by their keeper, as well as other opportunities which were wasted. ?We were simply superb.<br><br>MOM probably Sargy, outstading display.<br>Salt a very close second, no I’m not joking he was superb too. ?Tackling spot on, and passing excellent.<br>Stannard and Burton were also very impressive.<br><br>Have to say it made the 300+ mile jouney well worth while, and crucially it puts us in a much stronger position for a top 13 spot.

Worth every inch of the journey up there for the second half performance. Salt yes Salt was brilliant along with Bertie and John Stannard. Sargy scared their defenders every time he got the ball. <br><br>We were unlucky not to have a couple more with hitting the woodwork 3 times and a shot cleared off the line.<br><br>Lads battled tremendously and it was like a second Colwyn Bay. Support was great from the travelling few. Chip buttie from down the road was spot on!!!<br><br>ROLL ON SATURDAY!!<br><br>C’MON WITTERNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! C’mon Neil sing it with me!

Wo Wo Wo, <br>the man hinslef will be there on Saturday no doubt and I’ll be redundant again - still all in an evenings work isnt it!

That and your truely appaling jokes. Watching Witton away wouldn’t be the same would it.

Indeed an excellent second half performance. The committment was excellent, from everyone and a well deserved victory. In fact a 2-5 scoreline would have been a fairer indication of the superiority.<br><br>Salty was my MOM with Simon Hughes yet again a major influence in a steadier defence.<br><br>GE<br>

To Neil could’nt get up there last night because of work commitments. But obviously a great result. Could u tell us what the goals were like i belive it was Barlows first goal for the club was it any good or was it a tap in also interesting to see what davidson does on saturday in other words who goes out and who comes in. Reply please.

The 2 goals were pretty similar and came within about 5 minutes of each other.<br><br>The first was a cross from the right (by Salt I think) which was missed by one attacker and one defener, it found its way to Sargeson who was about 12 yards out and struck it right footed into the bottom right corner. ?I was also informed by a referee/director to my right we probably would have had a penalty had he not scored.<br><br>The 2nd was again a cross from the right - possibly by Sargeson which Barlow took with his back to goal, turned and hit it across the keeper and goal from about the same spot as Sargeson did, and it went into the far corner.<br><br>Unfortunatley I’m a little sketchy on who was who to be honest as the lights were awful, hopefully chad or someone else who was there can clarify my story.<br><br>John certainly has somethng to think about on Saturday - salt should keep his place on merit, Sargy and Bertie looked excellent so can you drop the leagues 2nd highest goalscorer and where would Nolan and Dicken actually fit into that team! :-/ :-/ :-/ [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif]

Excellent performance in 2nd half. Have to admit, at half time I was cursing the journey I’d made as we weren’t that good.<br><br>Don’t know what was put in their half time tea, but I want some!!<br><br>Mr Mosesley has to be put back in, I guess at Sargey’s expense, which seems unfair as he is the most patient player I have known, compared to some who seem to want to leave as soon as they get taken off or get left on the subs bench. I just hope we somehow manage to persuade him to stay in close season, as it must be frustrating.<br><br>As for Dicken, not a chance as far as I’m concerned with Stanners playing as he is, but he will get back in. Although, I think he’s suspended for the trip to Leek.<br><br>It’s always those long away games that turn out special, the ones no-one really goes to. What a treat for those who travelled!

Talk about a game of two halves.<br>The second half performance was as good as I have <br>seen this season.<br>J.D.'s half time talk must be as good as Wenger’s.<br>He should start with the same 11 today as a sign of<br>confidence, but be prepared to make positive changes.

Stannard crossed the ball in which Barlow took down for the second goal but I agree with the rest Neil.