Bit of fun

With us having such a strong looking squad this season and JD having the opportunity to play a number of players at his disposal, Im sure no one envys the difficult looking, ( but good ), selection problem for the Guisley game he faces. <br><br>In the end his decision counts, not what we supporters think, and I trust him to make the right one, but for a bit of fun perhaps we could play at being a manager and select a team for next Saturday.<br><br>Remember it`s just for fun. <br><br>I have picked a 4-4-2 formation and gone for strength in midfield. The midfield looks creative but has a cutting edge and could get us a goal at any time as Adam Foy has proved over pre-season. The Striking pair look good, MM picks himself and Lee madin has looked like he can bring others into play as well as having an eye for goal. <br><br>My substitutes have given me an option as salty can come on and play either a more defensive midfield role or play at the back. Sargie’s instinct for goal can turn a game and dicko’s pace and excellent crossing ability can create problems after John Stannard has run the left back into the ground.<br><br>Gibson GK<br><br>Evans RB<br>Barlow CB<br>Furnival CB<br>Tickle LB<br><br>Yates RM<br>Foy CM<br>Nolan CM<br>Stannard LM<br><br>Moseley CF<br>Madin CF<br><br>Subs:<br>Sargeson<br>Salt<br>Dicken