Blyth 2-1 Witton

Erm right, another fun day at the office.<br><br>Having had a lot of time to reflect on the game, (its bloody long way you know). I just cant figure out exactly where it went wrong.<br><br>Blyth were easily the worst side I have seen this season and will do well to stay off the bottom on that kind of performance - yet it got them the 3 points.<br>Gibbo was virtually a spectator but was beaten twice.<br><br>We on the other had got one goal, had Baker smash the bar, 2 off the line, what appeared to me a blatant penalty ignored and a few other efforts which tested their keeper.<br><br>I would say we were unlucky, but we can’t be unlucky every week it has to be more than that. Finley’s face in the club afterwards summed up how I felt. The team can do it in patches, but smaller patches than we’d like. At the end of the day we lost to another much lower placed side, who were dreadful, again. <br><br>As for the match itself - Pritch MOM for me won everything.<br><br>For a slightly positive slant, if we’d been realistically challenging for the play offs and lost 4-0 at bottom place I’d be even more gutted! thats what happened to next weeks opponents Radcliffe.

MOM for me was Ryan Baker when he came on!

Oh dear.<br><br>Why can’t we play for 90 mins?<br><br> ???

week after week after week, they were awful we were better, they scored we didn’t. another 3 points down the Swanie. boy oh boy am I getting seriously dissed or what! >:(

Any one know the team ? or is the report going on soon ? seems a really poor result, but I think the team is better than that on paper, I wonder if the spirit is good ?, are they fit enough, something isnt right because on paper the team is improved since gary took over but the results are worse, itd be nice to hear a few of the players views on this or maybe a mgr interview on the web site would be good.

Colin - the team has been on the website since Saturday night - try the teamsheet link!!<br><br>I think whatever team spirit was left may have gone after that result.<br><br>They’ll have to work hard to re-motivate themselves I think.

Match report is now online.<br><br>Have to agree with you colin - I think we have a much better side now, and we are playing more attatcking interesting football - but something isn’t clicking.<br><br>Re a manger interview - I’m not a very good journalist, however I assume (as is usually the case) that Gary will be on hand to answer questions at the information meeting in 2 weeks time.

Thanks<br><br>debbie & neil for your help