Is anyone else going?<br>Tony are you?<br><br>For those eagar to know the score, (its a 1/4 final you know) I’ll happily text someone goal updates for posting on the site if your available to post them from 3-5. <br>akie are you available?

Its that time of the month again!!!<br><br><br>Anybody actually driving up to Blyth that has room for one more on the way back? Work committments mean i need to get back sonner rather than later on saturday.

Yeah I’ll come into Uni to do Live score updates from 2:45 (pre-match banter) till 5 in the chatroom with score updates also posted on the message board. ;D

It’ll be almost as good as being there won’t it!<br><br>You can’t have chips and curry in the computer clusters though can you… [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

I could just buy some from the local chippy though! Hope we win & get Warrington Town away in the next round.

Hopefully be able to make it Neil.Working until about 12ish.Should just make it to Blyth in 2 three quarter hours from Huddersfield if I put my foot down.

Excellent - 3 Amigos and counting!<br><br>Guess its more of a local game for you, well kind of…

Local?!?!?!?!?!? Compared to what Lands End Utd away?

;DCant honestly believe Tony will actually WORK on a Saturday!<br><br>Monday to Friday wud b a start!!!<br><br>Come on Tone who u trying 2 kid!<br><br>25 years of dodging for Cheshire County Council and u can’t get out of a Saturday at JRssssss!!! LOL<br>

[smiley=dunno.gif]Sorry about that I though it was Tony Waterman!!!<br><br>Shud hav known when u said the W**K word!!!<br>