Boston in serious trouble

Looks like Boston are in pretty serious trouble, my understanding from reading other forums etc is that the main creditors ‘lavaflow’ was a company that was set up by a guy to own and run the football ground and its outlets ie shops, club etc but things don’t seem to have worked out too well and Boston Unuited could be homeless for the start of next season on top of having a 10 point deduction for entering a CVA, now does this set up sound at all familiar?

If anyone is nosey

Full list of current creditors

Lavaflow £1,400,000.00
H M Revenue & Customs (PAYE) £847,331.47
The Gliderdrome £267,173.27
H M Revenue & Customs (VAT) £214,328.83
Glasgow Rangers FC plc £38,805.55
Hemmingway Head Office £38,335.89
Ian Lee £16,000.00
J S Management Consultancy £15,956.00
Professional Footballers Association £14,000.00
Swallow Hotels & Inns £13,578.31
Portsmouth FC £13,558.50
Gordon Smith Sports £12,584.25
Lincolnshire Police Authority £11,653.79
Bespoke People Solutions Ltd £11,216.37
Printability 2000 Ltd £9,376.28
Ipswich Town FC £7,005.68
Middlesbrough Football Club £6,058.97
Strata Sports Marketing Ltd £5,875.00
Chester City Football Club £5,712.85
SHO Limited £3,903.12
Birmingham City Football Company plc £3,765.19
Couchman Harrington Associates £2,907.73
Mobilis Sports £2,886.54
British Red Cross £2,581.53
Health Partners Europe Ltd £2,496.09
Peterborough United FC £2,291.07
Brian James £2,225.00
Makespace Mezzanine Floors £1,949.80
Pro Star Management £1,845.00
Wotton of Tiverton Ltd £1,800.00
Chatteris Caterers £1,776.00
CSA - Brad Maylett £1,775.43
Metro Sport £1,753.40
Impact (Boston) Ltd £1,497.13
Peter Cole Consultants £1,407.36
Sage (UK) Limited £1,387.89
Chestnut Homes £1,297.50
Telecom Midlands Ltd £1,111.85
Boston Anorak Company Ltd £1,110.38
CSA - Francis Green £1,100.38
Frieston Playing Fields Association £1,068.00
County Gourmet £965.38
The Groin & Hernia Clinic £915.00
Billinghams £895.55
Mr A J Banks £895.00
Bradford City Football Club £862.65
BBC Publishing £816.63
Heritage Leisure Designs Ltd £762.21
PHS Group plc £616.70
Vandanel Sports Ltd £559.12
Premier Sports Medical £545.39
Craven & Nicholas (Engineering) Ltd £520.51
Tate Security Technology Ltd £505.00
Physique Management Company Ltd £454.24
Turnstile Systems £452.21
Ace Events Ltd £433.00
Fineturf £331.51
Mrs Margaret McGarry £330.00
Boston Commercial Cleaners Ltd £314.31
Sports Kit Pro Soccer £313.13
Agrilinc £310.14
Forceshift (Contracting) Ltd £294.00
Stamp Storage £280.03
Floodlight Lux Services £275.00
Healthguard Ltd £227.72
Red Lion Enterprises £170.00
Anthony Swindells £125.00
PRS Music Licence £101.40
Bramley House £100.00
Graham Trigg Plumbing & Heating Eng £88.46
Time to Frame £75.00
Watering Well Water Coolers Ltd £63.62
Miko Coffe Ltd £61.50
I T Com Solutions (UK) Ltd £45.00
HSS Hire £41.60
Kings Office Equipment £41.47
O2 (UK) Limited £30.00
Programme Master Ltd £20.00
Woodco Office Equipment Co £17.80
The Voluntary Arrangement Service £0.00
The Pensions Regulator £0.00
The Pension Protection Fund £0.00
Pension - Trustee £0.00

Total £3,006,342.68

Ooucchh, hard to see how they can get out of that one - its always a shame for the genuine fans of any club to find themselves in this situation.

Anyway, I’m not interested in american football!


Get a grip, Rabbit! The Boston Red Sox are a Baseball team - it’s the the New England Patriots that play American Football!

  1. I always get those two mixed up, it’s with them having such similar names!

Yeah, but Stan is funnier…