Bradford PA 2-0 Burscough

Bit late to talk about it now as everyone knows the score.<br><br> But there is rumour that on 90mins when the full time whistle went. <br><br>Burscough’s captain had to be taken off to go on holiday!!!<br><br>Otherwise he would have missed his plane.<br><br>I couldn’t really believe it. What would you think if someone like MM had to rush off on holiday before Extra-time of the biggest game of the season? ?[smiley=dunno.gif]

I suppose it was just "plane sailing" from there on in for Bradford! [smiley=banane.gif]

I knew I would miss certain things with it being the off season and all. But certainly not missing those jokes Neil! ;D

What a load of nonsense, who gives a monkey’s about the captain of Burscough - pity some people haven’t got anything better to say.

At least it wasn’t a thread started to have a whinge, unlike some.

[smiley=ranting.gif]<br>Adger is such a tool!!! Just shut up you moron!!

Danny its a pleasure been called a moron by someone like you who talks constant drivel, because at least what I say is from the heart and not blinkered like too many people on hear.<br><br>By the way as a matter of interest where did Burscough’s captain go for his honeymoon and did anyone from Witton send him a present?<br><br>JD for Alty???

I talk constant drivel? I rarely even post on here you toss piece. All I am trying to say is try and be upbeat and positive. Its easy to jump on a team’s back but it takes more balls to try and congratulate or encourage someone. If you are the ,assive fan you say you are then do your best to get behind the boys, you ride them harder than most Vics fans so give it a rest.

I don’t give a monkeys about your opinions really Adger cos’ you just slate the team but I still have to put up with them.