Breaking News: Dino told to stay away

It would appear that the Northwich Board have called time on the Tunisian!!!

The Vics boss has not reported for duty today, Tuesday, after the club sent him on on ‘gardening leave’.

he could help pete and sprucie with our pitch.:laugh:

" Dino must stay " I say :laugh:

Is he the pet in The Flintstones?

nar that pet as four legs.

as far as i am concerned, he as done a (sterling) job on/for the v1cs.

bet your all having a good chuckle at this i thing we both know its all down to money im afraid:angry:

Money plays a huge part in the running of any club ‘vics fan’ but I think this is more directly to do with your position in the league table and your board lacking confidence that Dino is the man to get you up the table!

I don’t understand the ‘gardening leave’ thing though…surely you either back or sack your manager!! This is somewhere in between!!

They have possibly sent him on gardening leave whilst the examine the case for further action over an issue unknown which may end up being stage one of dismissal. If you want to get out of a contract then these are difficult things to do and these days employment and contract law is a minefield.

Of course at the moment it is all guess work and may be nothing other than a small argument over whether they should cut the grass an extra inch!

Should imagine most Vcs fans will be gutted because to be honest he did a very good job for them last season but letting Steve Burr go was one of the biggest mistakes Vcs made.

i agree with you there Ste shouldnt never ever of let Burr go all the best tonight in the Fa cup


Thought something was a foot, as I had just received notification of a 4th player to be put on the transfer list - Ryan Brown.

Also, I don’t know if its coincidence, but Steve Burr is in town tonight…coming to watch Gateshead!

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: [color=#FF0000][/color]that is so funny hahaha

their web site says that mike marsh has took over for now. Is that the mike marsh who played for liverpool?

that is correct he also had spells with Barrow and other non-league clubs

The very same Mr Marsh, he has been there for about 9 months as assistant manager/coach/player.


If I remember, his career finished very early due to injury, and was paid off by the insurance.

I believe he did recover from his injury, but could not play again professionaly, because of the insurance pay out. He has since spent his time playing in non-league football, and if my memory serves me right, he turned out for Sunday Football team Queens Park.
His non-league teams included Barrow, Kidderminster, Southport, Boston and Accrington Stanley.

He is now 39 years old