Brian Pritchard!!!

If anyones interested, Brian Pritchard is playing for the Witton Albion Youth Team on Saturday 20th August at Moss Farm, on one of the outer pitches, not the enclosed pitch at 3pm kick off<br>The reason for this is that he is not travelling with the 1st team to Farsley [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

The Youth Team?<br><br>Really?<br><br>Is there not, like, an age limit or something?

Debbie,<br><br>there is no age limit as they are playing in the mid cheshire reserves league this season<br><br>I am told that there is also no weight limit as well so Brian has been cleared to play ;D<br><br>

Debbie, in answer to your question:<br>I used the term "youth" team due to the younger players that are involved in this team. In essence they play in an open age league which gives the club flexibility, players can play from which ever team if needed. The name of the team is Witton Youth and will form the majority of our Youth Cup team but Kevin Clarke has a few 19 yrs olds playing who are on the fringes of the Reserves. This gives the younger element of the playing staff some experience to rely on whilst mixing it with open age players. I know this weekend with our reserves not playing Kevin has asked Jim for several players to support him, Jim has offered every fit player to play if Kevin requires them. As you can see the constant communication between all three teams is vital and our Chairman Mike Worthingtons vision of an infrastructure to promote quality local players is finally in place. I am really pleased and delighted for the club when a respected legend such as Brian Pritchard throws away the stigma attached with not playing only for the first team, to use these platforms that have been recently established to his and the clubs benefit. If every first team players thinks and plays the same way, every team will be stacked with quality and will evidently grow our fan base. It doesn'tt matter which Witton team you watch, expect quality <br>Hope this answers your question<br>Cheers Len