Brid 1-1 Witton

Line up:<br><br>Gibson<br>Evans<br>Furnival<br>Hughes<br>Tickle<br>Fay<br>Kevan<br>Nolan<br>Stannard<br>Burton<br>Moseley<br><br>Subs all used<br>Salt for Nolan (injured)<br>Sargeson for Burton<br>Barlow for Kevan<br><br>Reasonable performance on a blusty/bobbly pitch where we went 1-0 down insdie 3-4 mins, we then hit back on around 20 with a 20 yarder from Mike Moseley - not the best shot but he found the far corner as the keeper seemed rooted to the spot.<br>We had an excellent patch in the middle of the first half and should have taken the lead, one goal was ruled out for a push by Furnival.<br>The second half was probably shaded by Bridlington, who also had a goal disallowed for offside. ?Albion did continue to press though and the forward players looked a threat when they ran at the Brid defence.<br><br>MOM probably stannard - looked dangerous going forward and also offered a lot of cover when needed at the back.<br><br>All in all with other results behind us, a point gained…<br><br>I’ve since found this report on the Bridlington site:<br><br>

How did Tickle play as I haven’t really seen him play for longer than 5mins?

Not bad I thought - didn’t really notice him which is good I’d say for a full back.<br>Evans seemed to be the one getting forward more on the right, than Tickle on the left.<br>Due to the wind direction across the pitch a lot of the play was down the opposite side to him in the 1st half and then he had more defending to do in the 2nd.