Burscough (0) 1-1 (0) WITTON ALBION

A dreadful first half in which we barely mustered an attack. Second half started the same but they finally scored then we decided to start playing with Moseley equalising with a very good header about 7mins later.<br><br> Kevan went off (FINALLY!) for Pritch and we looked a bit better and created a few chances.<br><br> All in all they deserved the win but we gotta point.

Whoops, sorry for the error.

if you were behind the goal second half hope you enjoyed the entertainment from the southport boys.<br><br>we hate burscough !

We were wondering who you were cos’ we had never seen you at a Witton game before. Appreciated the extra support.

yes we are southport fans. burscough are our rivals so we thought we’d come and offer some support. we were suprised that you brought maybe 40 odd which is a good turn out mid-week.<br>We’ll be looking out for your results and I apologise for the howling noises from one of our members.

couldnt make it last night, any chance of a decent match report, the team, mom etc. i’m sure neil will oblige cheers

Team: Gibson, Evans, Tickle, Furnival, Barlow, Dicken, Yates, Foy, Kevan, Madin, Moseley.<br><br>Kevan subbed for Pritchard after about 55mins.<br><br>No official MOM given but Andy Barlow would be mine.

why did you cheer when kevan was subbed ? and also did he throw a wobbler ??

He isn’t a liked player be any means. He hasn’t ever played well for the club yet the manager insists on picking him all the time. He offers nothing to the team. We are hoping that the manager has seen the light over this player.<br> I don’t know if he threw a wobbler but I doubt he will have stayed to watch the rest of the match as he went straight down the tunnel and probably straight home.

[quote]we were suprised that you brought maybe 40 odd which is a good turn out mid-week.
[/quote]<br><br>I don’t like to admit it but the game was that interesting at one point - I counted 68 wittoners!!! Certainly a good turn out.<br><br>Hopefully we seen the last of Kevan…he brings nothing to the team and with Pritch at the back and Barlow in midfield we looked much better.<br><br>

Apologies folks haven’t had much spare time in the last few days. <br>I have copied the report from the guardian site (which I think is sent by Pete and then edited as they see fit!) <br><br>John Davison’s men arrived on the back of a poor result at home to Ossett, but carried with them the knowledge that this term they have travelled well.<br><br>And so it proved as they took the game to their hosts and grabbed a point to take back to Wincham Park.<br><br>Albion were under the cosh for the first 25 minutes with McKearney, Dave Rowan, Ian Johnson and Michael White all going close.<br><br>But after 25 minutes Witton came into their own and Lee Madin, Mike Moseley and Darrell Dicken had chances to snatch a lead, but none could get their shots on target.<br><br>Burscough took the lead after 49 minutes when Rowan turned his man and fired over Gibson.<br><br>But it was mere respite as Witton forced an equaliser through a loveley Mike Moseley header on 55 minutes.<br><br>After that it was all Witton with Michael Yates and Dicken both going close.<br><br>And it was Yates who had the best opportunity after 75 minutes when he fired just wide of the post from 25 yards.<br><br>Burscough had a chance to steal the points at the death, but Johnson blazed over from just six yards.<br><br><br>Have to say it felt like Christmas when that board with 11 went up!<br>One thing changed the game yesterday, them scoring we then looked like a team with a lot more desire and did play so much better in the 2nd half. <br>IMO we should start with the side that finished the game on Tuesday at Workington.<br>Oh well it can’t be any worse than last seasons horror show in Cumbria surely… ;D

Don’t say that Neil cos you’ll probably jinx us again like at Kendal when it rained and we got beat.