Burscough 1-1 Witton

Not a lot to comment really.<br><br>thoght the level of performance was pretty good again, we seemed to work very hard for tha ball just couldn’t find that killer 2nd as Wakefield had on Saturday.<br>Jones looks a handful and Connors looked better than hid did on saturday too.<br><br>7 points from 12, given the opening fixtures I’m pretty sure we’d have all taken that.

Watched the game, thabk goodness for Jk he deserved a clean sheet

Went the game, thought we deserved more out of the game…some Bad REFS decisions cost us dearly…with us 1-0 up with five minutes to go why [smiley=dunno.gif] did Gary, take a center half off… for pritch…when we needed to strengthen up the back…he should of come on to tighten it up …never mind ,7 points is a good start, [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] bring on Gateshead…

1/2 decent result, overall played better, officials were poor, kennedy was superb, starting to worry about our back 4 , pinch wanders to much upfield for me and with 2 attacking full backs who dont seem at the best defending we get exposed, we need to keep it solid, a fit pritch would make a big difference , glad to see him on the bench today,and maybe connors at left back? like ben jones looks a good player, just need to improve his partnership with mike and well be ok, still got spike and syder to come back in as well. lally going off today turned the game we were in complete control till then although he did look tired.

Just reading the Burscough reports, doesnt seem to rate us that badly:<br><br>Burscough - 1; Witton Albion - 1.<br><br>LAST GASP LEVELLER SALVAGES A POINT<br><br><br>Burscough 1 Witton Albion 1<br><br><br>Burscough looked down and out at Victoria Park this afternoon, but were able to salvage a point, thanks to a Liam Blakeman goal in the 91st minute.<br><br>Witton had taken the lead right on the stroke of half-time, with an Andy Barlow own goal, and then proceeded to control matters, as the home teams efforts were yielding nothing.<br><br>The last ten minutes brought the big change, giant centre-back Adam Tong entered the field as substitute, and was played up front, causing havoc in a Witton defence that looked to have the home forwards well under the thumb.<br><br>Tony Gray was the main creator of the goal, gathering the ball after an over hit corner, he turned and drilled the ball across the penalty box, a defenders boot pushed the ball to around the penalty spot, giving Liam time to blast the ball through a crowed goalmouth for 1-1.<br><br>An element of luck, in the respect that Burscough were seemingly beaten and devoid of ideas, until manager Derek Goulding?s last throw of the dice.<br><br>The game generally was not a classic, both teams best efforts to play football, floundered on their own poor passing, and some solid defences, Witton had taken the lead in the 45th minute.<br><br>Witton?s leading scorer Mike Moseley, crossed from the right, as Barlow ran in under pressure, Barlow?s speed prevented him from angling the ball clear, and it was 1-0.<br><br>The first-half was marginally better than the second was to be.<br><br>After 9 minutes, David Eaton had a goal disallowed for offside, after a weaving run from Blakeman. Karl bell forced Jon Kennedy to make a great reaction save, as he headed a Martin Crowder corner goalwards on 21 minutes.<br><br>Burscough?s only other attack of note, saw Paul Gedman not being quite quick enough to capitalise, after he robbed Jordan King of the ball.<br><br>Witton did cause some problems, Matt Boswell made a great save from Danny Byrne after a Ben Jones cross. The closest was a well struck half-volley by Liam McGuire after 26 minutes, that just whistled past the post.<br><br>In the ten minutes before they scored, Witton were having the best of the exchanges.<br><br>Two minutes after the restart, Blakeman had shot blocked by Kennedy, after a good interchange between Mark Byrne and Gedman.<br><br>Fourteen minutes in Crowder passed to Byrne, and Anton Lally cleared off the line.<br><br>After 73 minutes, Boswell sprang into action again, to make double save from first Moseley and then Jones, as Witton threatened to take the game out of Burscough?s reach.<br><br>Tong and Gedman twice came close to levelling matters in the late stages, as Burscough rallied after Tong was introduced. But it was a bit fortuitous for the Linnets in the end.<br><br>Witton would have been right to feel aggrieved, if they had gone home pointless, they scored, and then worked hard to smother Burscough, under the circumstances a point gained for Burscough, who surely must improve on this if promotion is the target.<br><br><br>

Officials were poor cj???<br><br>Another referee could quite easily have sent Anton Lally off in the first half for a second caution - he argued with every decision, even after being cautioned for the late tackle.<br><br>Another Witton player called the referee a …ing cheat - VERY lucky to get away unpunished (as was their No. 4 for a similar outburst) - Danny Byrne could have got a second yellow in the last minute…<br><br>If he was poor because he should maybe have done the above then ok. But I doubt that you’re referring to them. Rose tinted glasses etc!!<br><br>Personally I thought Andy Newall’s man-management was superb and he was marked accordingly. The assessor thought so too.<br><br>The team are playing some very good football and we need to score from some of these chances.<br><br>GE

Can’t really fault the ref for our performance and agree with GE re his actual leniency. If we take event to the limit then most games will end up like Winsfords - abandoned due to lack of bodies left on the field!<br><br>However, just like the Runcorm match, we seemed to have an Assistant Referee who only appeared to judge a player off-side when the ball had virtually arrived.<br><br>Therefore we ended up, especially MM, totally frustrated and right peed off. <br><br>Hopefully to counter this in the future then a few ideas worked on the training ground may do the trick.<br>

Graham<br><br>that was my point the young liner was hopeless, i was right in line with most of his offsides and he got many wrong, not tinted but fact - maybe youre wearing the officials rose tints, and was the equaliasing corner correct ? no he gave it because he didnt give a dive 10 secs earlier, so he wasnt good, but he was lenient on lally and seemed to communicate ok, he should have helped the liner more his decisions were awful which in effect meant the officials had a poor game.

Isn’t football a great game - so many opinions. So many decisions to be made. Could it be that it was not only the officials who made the wrong decisions yesterday then…<br><br>GE<br>

The referee’s sticking together!!

:wink: graham, im a life member of the john yarwood school of supporters !!