Burscough Deducted One Point - Appeal Fails

Taken From the Burscough Forum (Shame they didn’t win at Lincoln eh?)

[i]Burscough F.C went to the F.A. headquarters in Manchester this morning to appeal the pending 1 point deduction imposed by the Unibond League.

The pending deduction came from the appearance of substitute Adam Wade at Lincoln United who although registered with the club for 6 weeks prior had not been registered at the time as a Unibond Player.

Regretfully Burscough F.C. have failed in their appeal and the 1 point deduction will be imposed with immediate effect.

It was decided by the appeals commitee that as an unregistered player had taken to the field of play and therefore had some influence in the game the 1 point earned from the 1-1 drawn game should be deducted.

I have been asked to say by Rod Cottam that Burscough F.C. felt it right and proper to appeal on behalf of their supporters and endeavour to do whatever they could to avoid the penalty.

Everyone at Burscough F.C. is thoroughly dissapointed at losing the appeal and non more so than Rod Cottam and Keith Maguire who feel the imposed point deduction more than anyone and regret they could of not got the desired result for Liam the players and the supporters.

So with that now out of the way we can look forward to the conclusion of an exciting end to the season where manager Liam Watson antcipates the loss of a point will have no great bearing in the final outcome of the league placings. He like everyone else is confident that the Linnets will continue to finish the season strongly and will be there or thereabouts after the final ball has been kicked. [/i]