Burscough v Padiham FA Cup Replay

Looking at the team-sheet Burscough have ex Albion players from three years or so, Dylan Adams & Paul Williams in their defence whilst Padiham name Assistant Manager Steve Cunningham - 10 years ago with us - on the subs’ bench

20 minutes still 0-0

Padiham 1-0

Burscough equalised on stroke of half-time 1-1

Still 1-1 - Padiham just had player sent off

Extra time coming up - could be 10:30ish end at this rate if it goes to penalties

Hopefully an extra 30 minutes gives us another advantage on Saturday.

A brief moment away from twiddling my thumbs thought I’d just look back and check the last time we played Padiham. It was 99 years ago en route to the Lancashire Combination 2nd Division title and we beat them both times the one at home by 12 goals to 1.

Thought I’d share that with you lovely readers

Still 1-1 and into 2nd period of extra-time. Lovely comment from Burscough that Witton could be playing both teams as they are unseparable

Attendance at Victory Park, Burscough is 139 - ie 47 more than at Stafford this evening - same score-line at moment 1-1

Burscough 2-1 up

Finished 2-1 to Burscough so see you there on Saturday