I feel the need to write on your forum regarding Tuesday night and regarding the posts yesterday.<br>6 Southport fans made the trip to Burscough to watch the game, which wasn’t the best and also to have a nit of fun. You may recall I was the one in the suit, but I am horrified to of received all the abuse that we have received, comments like 'get back to school, scousers, fools etc.<br><br>Does it really matter that we were there and that a couple of us were having a bit of a laugh. At the end of the day we made just as much noise towards your team as the rest of your fans.<br>I could understand if we were slagging off Witton, but we weren’t. We all go to a lot of Non-league games to watch Southport, does it really matter that we were there tuesday night.<br>Maybe the people that had the ‘issues’ should of brought them up tuesday night. As far as I was aware, I stood, watched a game of football and laughed at a couple of lads that were having a bit of fun.<br><br>For the record, if you check your maps, southport isn’t in liverpool.<br><br>Good luck for the rest of the season. Its a pity that a couple of your fans took offence to nothing on tuesday night.<br><br>Southport FC

Hi Southport,<br><br>Please note that the comments made about your attendance at the Burscough game were made by supporters of our neighbours/tennants and NOT by Witton fans.<br><br>Unfortunately, a scum of V**s fans (Is that the correct collective term?) have taken to using our forum whilst their’s is, er … under review?<br><br>Thanks for your support - look forward to your next visit.

You may also like to know that the thread was actually removed because of the remarks directed TO you.<br><br>The person making those remarks is definitely not welcome on this forum and I don’t believe to be a Witton fan; just someone out to upset.

What I want to know though is was the lad serious when he said he’d see us at Workington!?<br><br>You will be most welcome, we’ll be the ones in bright blue!


we shall be at southport v altrincham tomorrow but will be looking out for the result from workington.<br><br>Albion Albion Albion