We are all cribbing about the "disgraceeful" events of Saturday and how players actions will reflect on our club, but are all content for any outsider looking in to beleive that Lally is guilty and perhaps Byrne was in some way involved. Why else would we release only two playersl. Why else would we allow the only "informed" comment on the board be thet of CJ. <br><br>If we are to salvage any pride should not there be an official announcement as to why we felt it right to release both Lally and Byrne.<br><br>my thoughts are Lally it was fealt proven or not ( and I emphasise proven) became involved in a situaution we would have preferred him not to, and Byrne was released as we need to reduce our overheads. <br><br>There you go, that didn’t hurt did it. We can now debate the facts ( a word often bandied about this board) or move on. It is up to those who participate.<br><br>If we are to achieve the moral high ground we must demonstrate our honesty. How will the remaining squad view us if we can not at least do that.<br><br>

Its difficult to make official comment on a subject that is being investigated. There is a lot of speculation on here at the moment and fustration is evident in ALL postings. In my opinion this is not doing the fans, the club, the players who have left, the players still here or anybody else with an association with this club any favours.<br><br>In just under 63 hours we have our biggest game of the season in the FA Cup and i think its time we started to focus on that. The questions concerning recent events will all be answered in due course by one means or another.

Tell that to Lally and Byrne now out of work. They desreve to have an official statement!

Byrne or Goose signed for Ashton today, so he has been out of work along time ??

[smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br>well said pritch, so ill shut up now, if players leave, well get new ones, if the budget gets cut it gets cut, as fans all we can do is support the team, let the board and the manager whoever it is get on with there jobs.<br><br>good luck at Harrogate lads

Well i heard about the ‘rubbish’ that has been posted on the board so i thought it about time to put a few things straight. There seems to be a lot of people who have posted comments on here that are harming and untrue. There however seems as though a lot of people have all the answers when alls i have read is junk. <br>Things like this happen in football and you as the fans deserve the right to be told what has exactly happened however it does not give you the right to presume what has happened and post such things.<br>As for incinuating i am this ‘Goose’ is ludacris, im not that twisted in order to come on here and slag fellow team mates and friends, sorry to dissapoint you but its not me.<br>And last but not least i am still looking for a club and have signed NOTHING with any other club as my cancellation was only recieved monday at 10 o’clock. If any real fans want to ask me any questions within reason of cousre feel free to do so!!!<br>Oh and Hello Pritch!

Danny Byrne…who is going to keep me on my toes with the never ending questions about the law and what if i do this or that!!! Seriously though mate where ever you end up in the near future all the best.

I am a bit gutted that danny has left. Wage cuts or not he was still a great player for witton in my eyes and was part of an exciting team. Good Luck in whatever you do Danny and whoever you play for just dont come back and score the winner against us please. <br>

See he has signed for Droylsden. Frightening combination of Fearns and Byrne up front. Good luck Danny, it’s our loss!

Mike Black ??? :-[ [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=nono.gif]

What is your problem? You have my e-mail tell me if you don’t feel able to post it on here!