Cammell Laird 2-3 Witton Albion

Albion began their warm up games with a vicory over a sharp and impressive looking Laird side.<br><br>Albion came from behind twice to win the game in the 89th minute.<br><br>The first goal came just after half-time from Adam Foy.<br>The 2nd later from Michael Owens with an excellent looping header. The winner was a Sargy tap in from close range at the far post probably reminicant of Rossendale away last season!<br><br>Of the new players on show were Michael Owens who played in the Albion youth side a couple of seasons ago.<br>Stuart Tulloch played right wing, and is ex Middlewich and Chorley. Andy Watson is the ex tenants reserve team captain, centre half. Finally Lee Nadin who was at Hyde last season.<br><br>Overall a decent workout, witnessed by a good Albion following as usual.

What was the team and who played well, looked fit etc.

"looked fit etc" <br><br>I didnt know you felt like towards the Witton players! backs to the wall boys! ;D

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Nice to see you have a sense of humour then!<br><br>Well my name says it all really thats me! shame you use a ‘Nom de plume’ hey, then i would know who it is who thinks there 10 men!

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