We have today received news of a positive test for COVID-19 involving one First Team player. The correct protocols have been adhered to and the case reported to the NHS. The player showed symptoms yesterday morning and immediately submitted himself to a test. He notified the club immediately under current club protocols and procedures.

In compliance with the website and our own risk assessment he has notified people with whom he has had contact in the previous 48 hours and is now self-isolating. The player has had no contact with any other players or staff since Saturday and there have been no reports of any other incidents amongst the first team squad or management. After discussions with Crewe Alexandra who are undergoing a review of their own procedures in conjunction with the EFL, both clubs took the prudent step to postpone tonight’s fixture in the interests of players safety. Witton Albion FC have put significant processes in place to ensure the safety of all players, club and visitors to the club to minimise risk. Unfortunately, those procedures can only minimise that risk and do not completely eradicate it.

Can I take the opportunity to remind everybody that anyone displaying symptoms should self – isolate and obtain a COVID-19 test immediately? Please also adhere to our guidelines and follow the NHS guidance regarding the washing of hands, wearing of face coverings and observing social distancing. In this way you are keeping yourselves, your family and your community safe.

Finally, we have of course reported the situation to the Northern Premier League and all future fixtures will take place as normal until we are notified otherwise.

No further statement will be issued on the matter at this time.

John Salmon
Chairman Witton Albion FC