Cheshire Senior Cup Final Offer

Fancy being part of the Witton Management team on Tuesday 14 March for the Cheshire Senior Cup Final.<br><br>Jim Vince has offered a supporter the opportunity to be with the team for the pre-match team talk, be with Jim & Benny & the substitutes ‘on the bench’ and be completely involved in the aftermatch atmosphere (which will be extra special if Witton lift the trophy).<br><br>To have an opportunity at this simply purchase a ticket from me at either the home game tomorrow, at the Sportsman’s Dinner or at the home game on 11 March. Tickets are only ?10 each.<br><br>This opportunity may not be repeated.<br><br>Graham Edgeley<br><br>

Good idea.<br>Are you out of reach on the bench if Mike scores?

dont you mean when mike scores!

Yes I do!<br>I’ll be there with a pocket full of loose change (and a spare set of clothes!!)