WITTON Albion are to announce losses last season of nearly ?1,000 a week. <br><br>The figure is startling because the 2004-05 campaign was their last with Northwich Vics still their tenants paying rent every matchday. <br><br>But chairman Mike Worthington will assure shareholders at the annual meeting tomorrow (Thursday) that the situation is now stabilised and there is no crisis looming. <br><br>The news comes as the possibility of selling up and leaving Wincham Park raises its head and also as the club are to host a record one-off fundraiser. <br><br>Albion have made drastic cuts since the summer under new manager Jim Vince, which ironically has corresponded with a better set of results. <br> <br>Worthington said: 'It’s a damn good job Vics were there. With ground-sharing coming to an end we invested in a full-time steward, part-time commercial manager and the team, to drive the business forward. All three sections failed to meet their targets. <br><br><br>'If one area does not support revenue you have a problem. In our case it was all three. <br><br><br>'This season is better. We took drastic action, curbed our overheads. <br><br><br>Now we are breaking even. <br><br><br>'We are not in crisis because I would not allow that. Gates have dropped every year for the last three years. We are in the entertainment business and have not entertained. <br><br><br>‘It has taken years to get Witton back on an even keel and one thing I’ve learned is how quickly things can change in football. After what we achieved it makes you feel sick.’ <br><br><br>The teams of John Davison and Gary Finley seem to have been a turn off, while Vince’s more attractive team are slowly winning back fans. <br><br><br>But there is two pieces of financial good news for Albion. On January 25 would-be developers of 35-acres of <br><br><br>land at Wincham for housing, which include Albion’s six acres, are making a presentation to the club. <br><br><br>Witton are the only landowners involved who have not yet signed an option and taken a deposit. <br><br><br>Secondly, their sportsman’s dinner with guest speaker boxer Ricky Hatton at Winsford Civic Hall in March will be Mid Cheshire’s biggest ever. They have sold all 375 seats at ?40 a time and have a waiting list of 60, handling bookings from as far away as Whitby. <br><br><br>They are hoping to persuade the world champion to return the following night and talk to diners at their own social club. <br>

What was that about going Public!!! ;D<br><br>


1000? per weeek isnt good reading but mr worthinton does go on to say that we now breaking even. in other words hes sorted it and thats what a good chairman is all about. with a healthy league position a distinct possability, one final and looking quite good in the league cup their is money coming in to make the ship even steaddier