Lets all get behind our national team tonight and crush the Azzuri… Just 1 change for me Titchener in place of Welbeck. SBL

Isn’t Titchiner Welsh? But totally agree Silent But Ledley lets stuff the Italians tonight, COME ON ENGLAND :woohoo:

Let us not get too over excited, we have a chance but we are by no means favourites. I will happily settle for 1-0.

According to the Bible Samson lost all his strength when he lost his hair, in Rooney’s case the opposite seems to apply!

Rooney was really dissapointing, didn’t look fit in either game he played to me.

Andy Carroll should have started.At least he was muscling in unlike Rooney who I think was weary of his hair being rearranged.

I know I started it but it is wrong to blame Rooney for our failure, he got no service or support, our players are just not up to this level of ability. (See the other thread for waht think we should do now.) Another failure, will our FA ever learn?

I think Rooney gets picked on because again our media hype him up as a superstar when he is in fact just ok -good on his day, and in the tournament he looked unfit but he wasnt the worst by any stretch.

Lets face it when has Rooney actually done it in a major tournament for England. I’m not faulting his effort but it never seeems to happen when he plays for England yet he looks so good when playing for United. Ok you can talk about the supply but for me we looked more effective with Carrol and Wellbeck the latter I don’t even think is international class though!! I think Roy has done well in the time he had had but lets face it we have a set of footballers who are over hyped over paid and unfortunately to use the American war time theme they are over here!! It might sound ridiculous but Titch would have been more effective than some of them his pace would have scared the Italians and his effort would have meant they could’nt relax!!
Lets just hope that our Pritch can get a good striker on board for us I’m sure he’s working hard on it!!