I hear that Congleton Town have appointed Jim Vince as their first team manager and Neil Gill as his assistant. They seem to be determined to get out of the North West Counties league next season. I hope they do its a good club. SBL

cannot somehow see that pairing working ! I will bet one or both will not be there next season, but will keep an eye on results there and comings and goings should be interested.

The “going” you mention CJ will be Jim Vince once they say he cannot have the money to “Buy” success.

I suppose as Congleton cannot get either promoted or relegated this season an appointment of a manager at this time of the year makes sense in that he will have plenty of time to assess the current squad in order to prepare for next season. I gather that JV was not that populaR at Witton? SBL

We loved him until he sold us out for his own benefit.

He gave us a good team with lots of skill and pace and we competed very well for 2-3 seasons arguably the best side in the league over the period however we always failed at the final hurdle, but also at a price to our budget apparently, I think its fair to say he fell out with our chairman mike worthington at the end and ended doing things to Witton he might still regret and without going into events in detail he spoiled his time at the club and some of the fans (and board ?) will never forgive him for those last few months.

Spot on CJ. I liked him and I thought he was a good guy, but I was disappointed at how he left. We have a good guy now who loves the club to death and at times we look like a non league Barcelona, sadly, occasionally and only occasionally we look like England on a bad day!

A convincing con man.
End of story :sick:

Had it all and threw it away nearly killing the club in the process with the actions taken. Relagation followed, regrets no idea as i recall anything being offered publically in the aftermath and very liitle been said since. Tonnes of unanswered questions and myths. Ruined what should have a been a great time to look back and reflect on a happy time in the clubs history. Still banned from the ground and club i think

He was the reason one of the most hard working directors this club has ever had resigned, for that reason alone I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire

he has a lot to answer for, a man who turned out to be pure evil for this beloved club. pritch and mose have picked up the pieces and given us something to shout about with a more hard working and committed squad of players than we could have hoped for. lon live the reign of pritch and mose. com on witton.

Its a shame because Jim could have been a great manager but unfortuantely he was always right!! I gave him loads of encouragement in the chats I had with him but did provide some constructive critisism before we played the likes of Fleetwood and Telford where we needed a midfield destroyer and alter our creative style a little. He said I was talking rubbish and he’d carry on playing his creative style as football would win the the end. We all know now what happened we couldn’t and didn’t win the physical and mental battle and then Jim left under a cloud after upsetting my good friend GE and of course having crossed swords with Mike W.In addition there were some rumours about him gaining financially by fixing up our players with other clubs. I lost my trust in Jim a guy I used to like and championed, very dissapointing.
All I can say is good luck Congleton!!
I can only second what everyone is saying because we now have top class, genuine football management lads in charge and long may they continue. Pritch and Mose along with Deels and Murph are men we can trust, look up to, and know they will give us 100%. Pritch is very kind to me and always has a little chat making me feel part of the club. He is also willing to listen if I want to make a constructive point but to be honest the lad is doing a great job and will become one of the great managers and he knows more about footie than I do thats for sure!! He has it in him to do this!! Onward and Upward!!

Pritch has only to ask and I will be only to willing to avail him of my extensive knowledge of football at all levels. I should have applied to be manager years ago but the wife said I couldn’t as I had to go shopping, her gain Witton’s loss.