Congleton town v Witton Albion Tues 11th Nov

Massive game this - the manager will be under a lot of pressure if we do not win this one.

Sadly I am going to a lecture on the Wild West at Weaverham given by a Lecturer from Liverpool University. It will help me to help the kids as the subject is part of the History GCSE. Best of luck to the team. (I will send a donation as usual).

WHS wrote:

(I will send a donation as usual).[/quote]

It’s double for cup games!!! :ohmy:

To me this is the game that should have decided Nigels fate, not the week before the MASSIVE 6 pointer that we LOST on Saturday, unfortunately I wont be attending due to child care issues.

Robbo, you must think I am made of money!! Sadly a new boiler is going to hit my finances considerably, do you know anyone who might do it at a discount for a Wittoner?

We will win 3-1 tonight and it will be the start of a 10 game unbeaten run that will take us into the play off area of the league.

No predictions please.Let’s just get there and support the team.

vi8 wrote:

No predictions?! Does that mean i can keep my £2 in my pocket tonight then!! :blush:

2-1 up according to Robbo

we are 2-1 up, drew pen and own goal, they pulled one back with a pen.

Just in from lecture, anymore news?

witton albion 2-1 congleton town
drew 33 (pen) wooley 50 (Pen)
john (o.g) 38


A WIN:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :slight_smile:

My prediction almost spot on. If my other prediction is slightly off too we should win the next 15 games, not the next ten!!!
PS. The donation will be in the post soon.

eligorton wrote:

I missed the game because I went to Wincham Park to watch it. I honestly thought we were at home?

Actually I thought it was at Wincham too, wasn’t it?