Anyone able to substantiate the whispers coming over from t’other side of canal?

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Nothing posted in past 12 hours so must have just been Chinese ones then eh?

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But hold on the whispers are true then. Since posting last night I’ve now had several conversations, with differing versions of what’s actually happened, following a meeting held yesterday. Can’t wait to see what the official version from the lizards reads. Maybe we’ll even get our own nickname back now

Chad why The "Axe man" ?
rhymes with tax man ?, or is he aka Johnny Cash " a boy named Sue"

whisper away Chad, what have you heard?

The rumour is true.


Certainly is GE

Touche Stuart.

Oh i’m going to get sooooooo much mileage ot of this :slight_smile:

Don’t foget his missis is a Vics fan too stuart!

Quote from: Robbo_ on February 28, 2007, 12:52:22 PM
If he thinks Vics are going to get 1700 he’s having a laugh!! Reading between the lines though he is admitting that none of the profits from his restaurants etc are going to the club. That’s all going to line his own pocket, so when Vics fans head up there like sheep thinking the sunday carvery is supporting their fooball club they are well off the mark. Infact it’s more likely to make Connet flog the club, if his other businesses are doing so well but the football team isn’t he’ll just cut his losses and concentrate on the businesses that are turning over a decent profit.

Mystic Robbo strikes again!! By all accounts he’s offering to rent the ground back to the club for next season!!!

Yes people, My missus has already had a txt off me wetting myself :slight_smile:

Robbo, you’re forgetting:

Oh Northwich Vics, are closing down
Oh Northwich Vics are closing down
It’s gonna be Witton’s carpark
Oh Northwich Vics are closing down

Mystic Robbo indeed!!!

OK guys, what is the rumour? Use as many allegedly’s and supposedly’s as you like! But for those of us not in the vicinity, what’s all the fuss about?

I agree EddieC. what is the rumour? Is it that there is to be a demonstration at the ground by people Mr. Connett is alleged to owe money to? If so, that is an old rumour. I think it is time we left Vics to stew in their own juice and concentrated on what is important, Witton Albion.

Allegedly there could soon be a Reeds Rains sign going up in Wincham…

My rather upset Vics-supporting colleague reliably informed me this morning that last night Mr Connett ‘allegedly’ advised Steve Burr that he is to put the club up for sale immediately/at the end of the season. ‘Supposedly’ Mr Connett is meeting with Conference officials this evening to discuss. By all accounts he is wanting ?400k for NVFC which the trust is looking into whether they can raise. In the meantime Rod Stich (however you spell it!) is looking to take out a loan to buy Mr Connett out. This is all quite alleged and supposed at the minute.

Vics fans are expecting best case secenario is Unibond 1 football next year with them renting the ground off Connett.

Other news is that ‘allegedly’ it is a done deal that FC United will be the primary tennents there next season - i can’t see this one being true though.

Mr Green, it is about time we got a bigger car-park isn’t it!!!

The story as I have heard third hand is very similar to Robbo’s information, at this stage they appear to be strong rumours and not confirmed facts.

Allegedly MC has said he is not prepared to fund the losses beyond the end of this season and has therefore put the players/management/staff on notice that they should look for new employment from the end of April. He is looking to sell the team/name etc which is separate to the other activities on the site (which I am told he still plans to develop), I believe this to be the NVFC 2004 company which is separate. I understand from third parties that he is wanting to sell the ‘club’ and at the same time will rent the ground to any new owner. The opinion would seem to be that he wants all the income and none of the risk, perhaps realising that the running costs/losses are unsustainable based upon gate receipts and commercial income from the football side.

As Robbo says this is all still alleged and supposed at the moment as there appears to be no formal communication of the facts, however many of the rumours have a common theme. I think many people have seen this coming for some time, preservation of the football club would appear to be low down the list of personal priorities.

Whilt there is a perverse enjoyment from the demise of any competition (be it in sport, business or other competitive area), I can’t help feeling sorry for the hundreds of lifelong supporters of the club that have done nothing than show there support over decades - the present situation is not their doing. If the boot were on the other foot I am sure we would take plenty of stick and ridicule, however the reality is that this is the worst nightmare for any football fan. If this were Witton we would all be beside oursleves, worried about the outcome. No true supporter of a team deserves to be in that position (even if they do wear green and white). The reality is that very few football clubs die away, whatever the price and whatever the deal there will be a rescue package of sorts that will mean that NVFC continue in some shape or form.

From an etirely selfish perspective the troubles at NVFC play right into our hands. We have the opportunity to build our club, move up into a new division and prosper off the back of this. We have a sensibly ran football club with excellent relationships between the board/management/players and fans, we need to capitalise on this and take the opportunity to develop, starting Saturday!

Irrespective of the rivalry I wish the genuine fans of NVFC well for the difficult months/season ahead, however agree with others that our focus is WAFC and to become the areas number one team.

I am sure not everyone will agree with my post, but again thats what opinion is all about!

Find it all strange that they never have a proper press release, the fans forum is off line, there are rumours flying about everywhere. Why cant the man just tell all the supporters where they stand, so they can do something about it.
if he gets his target attendance will he just turn round and say…"oooh I’m making money now…I was only joking before think I’ll keep it "

How do you post photo’s on here anyway?

Apparantly, the NVFC Supporters Trust have arranged an emergency meeting for tonight. If their board is not up again soon, they will make a statement via the Guardian web page.


Well it would appear that it was all just rumours then with no substance, if this is the case you can understand MC or anyone else for that matter getting upset if everything is not true. What is strange however is that many of the alleged stories had a common theme, they must have started somewhere? In the couple of ‘pub’ conversations I had with people who claimed to have information on good authority the claims, which now appear false, were that the players/managers had been told to seek new employment, clearly not the case.

Maybe someone with an axe to grind has been stirring it, with talk of this and demonstrations at the ground there certainly would appear on the surface to be some unrest. Their trust obviously has had some concerns in calling an emergency meeting for tonight, maybe they should call it off and go for a pint instead!

Not sure we have heard the last or that the true facts have been exposed.

More pressing matters from our point of view start at 3.00pm tomorrow!

Well said Rabbit, sounds to me that the rumour may have been started just to keep Vics in the News seeing as the team are not putting them there at the moment. Mr. Connett will know there is no such thing as bad advertising.

Interesting quote in the NPL today if you haven’t read it;

'The NPL contacted Connett and he told us " I’m not looking to sell be very careful because my lawyers are very good lawyers. Will I be the owner next season? you can’t say anything in life is categorical. Can you categorically say that you’ll be alive tomorrow?"

A quote from a poster on the temporary Vics board :

"I`m sure there are many people out there really confused with what is going on but the fact is that the players were informed yesterday, after the match, that unless a buyer is found at the end of the season then they were all out of jobs, including management."

The poster says this same info has come from 3 sources, so make of it what you will. Don’t think we’ll have to wait long to find out the real situation.

I remember the confusion a few seasons ago when we went through a similar event, it was awful, so I take no pleasure in watching Vics fans being messed about by their owner. It seems they are in real trouble this time and I for one feel truly sorry for their supporters. We fans are the backbone of every club and deserve better than what we usually get from our boards. I am delighted to say that this no longer applies to our board who appear to be totally open about the position our club is in. But let’s face it, that is not the case at most clubs where the fans are treated as something to be put up with and robbed whenever possible. I sincerely hope Vics find a buyer and retain their position in the Conference, a position earned by their team and fans, not by Mr. Connett and I sincerely hope that in one more season’s time we join them in the elite league for non-league clubs. Yes, I know it is April 1st, but this is not a joke.