Cup Final

Bit of info if anyone hadnt seen it.<br><br>On Tuesday night, the Cheshire Senior Cup Final between Stalybridge Celtic and Witton Albion is being played at Moss Lane (7.45pm). The Cheshire FA reports that "Supporters wishing to see the game at Moss Lane, Altrincham can pay at the gate, admission prices, ?8:00 stand, ?7:00 ground and ?3:00 OAP/child.<br><br>I was hoping it’d be off myself and Connors could play but witht he weather improving…<br><br>Get your voices in tune eh… [smiley=banane.gif]

Anyone else fancy the choo-choo - 4 o clock in the Lion & Railway.<br><br>CMON THE ALBS!!!<br><br>

Any news on the Alty pitch? Any inspection planned?

Lion and Railway, 4 o’clock. I’ll be there in spirit!<br><br>Get behind 'em, and have one or two (maybe even three) for me.<br><br>See you at Easter Chad.

Right Im off to 100 quid,40 fags.See u all in Wetherspoons!!<br>We won it 10 times<br>We won it 10 tiiiiiiimes<br>In '95 We won it 10 times<br>We’ll win it 11 times<br>We’ll win it 11 tiiiiiiiimes<br>In Gay Alty We’ll win it 11 times!!

Looks like I’ll have to have one or 2 for you Mike! <br><br>CMONNNN THE ALBSSSSSSSSSSS!!!<br>

Cant get there early but were off for a curry after to celebrate our win ? [smiley=cheezy.gif]<br><br>cmon you reds

Come On The ALbs!!!

We will be there Come on the Albion ;D ;D

this could be northwich, wembley, wincham park or rome and we to alty we’ll bring the cup back home … bring the cup back home!<br><br>best of look fellas with all in spirit and when we win i’ll be on the spirits.