FA CUP - Prudhoe or Horden or Kendal - away<br><br>Trophy - Telford - home (winners home to Goole)

Kendall Erm, rain, magnificent stand and covering, cheap bar prices lovely,<br>dont knw whether Telford is a good draw or not, should be a good crowd, how good Telford are we will see,<br>cracking tie if we get past them, Goole, oh joy can anyone recall many years ago Goole "fans" arriving in Northwich, assaulting people and then presenting them with a card on which was printed "Youve been hit by the Goolies" ?<br><br>My tip for the first League game is Ilkeston away.

My thoughts exactly Andy, the words which came out of my mouth when I saw the away day possibilities can’t be repeated on this forum. <br><br>At least we won’t have the chance of going to Prudhoe for a midweek replay (keep looking for those positives!)<br> [smiley=banane.gif]

:slight_smile: As follows:-<br><br>FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round (Saturday 20 August 2005)<br><br>Prudhoe Town v Horden Colliery Welfare<br><br>FA Cup Preliminary Round (Saturday 27 August 2005)<br><br>Winners of above Extra Preliminary Round tie (Prudhoe Town or Horden CW)at home to Kendal Town.<br><br>FA Cup First Qualifying Round (Saturday 10 September 2005)<br><br>Winners of above Preliminary Round tie (Prudhoe Town or Horden CW or Kendal Town) at home to Witton Albion.<br><br>----------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>P.S. Apart from Kendal Town, anyone know much about the other two clubs? (I think that Horden CW are Durham-based and play in the Northern League Division One, whereas Prudhoe Town play in the Northern League Division Two and are based in Prudhoe (!) which is about half-way between Newcastle and Hexham).

Think Horden had a pretty good season last year in the northern league.<br>We won 2-1 there a few years ago in the same round I think.<br>That was the day of the 5 hour car journey and roadworks in the whole of the north of England!<br>I get a little animated when we’re late for a match just ask Debbie or Karin!