Curzon Ashton vs Witton Albion (17th December)

Right. Let’s put Saturday behind us and move on. Curzon haven’t won their last two in the league so, like us, they will be eager to bounce back. There is no reason why this team can’t go to Tameside and get all three points, although I for one would settle for a well earned point.

Hopefully we’ll have one or two important players back for the game. Although having Chris Gaghan back at the club gives us an extra option.

Big following required, lets make plenty of noise and get behind these lads.

Up the Albs!

Well said Left Pegger

We need to get there in numbers and be loud and proud!

Come on Witerrrrnnnnnnn

Also, did i hear a rumour that Santa suits were being worn?

I also heard thar [color=#884400]“Bruno The Brown-Nosed Reindeer”[/color] is going (he’s 2nd in line, but can’t stop as quick)

That is the oldest joke I have EVER seen on here. (Unless you include me!!)

£2.50 for concessions ! :whistle: :wink:

Super New Signing For Curzon Ashton FC

We are pleased to announce that we now have our very own super hero at the Tameside Stadium.

Super Nash has agreed to become the club mascot and will soon be seen around town assisting with the promotion of Curzon Ashton.

He will also be participating in events organised by our junior section and we are sure our youngsters will make him feel at home.

Super Nash makes his debut at the Tameside Stadium this coming Saturday against Witton Albion so come down and welcome him prior to kick off at 3pm.

We should settle this the Harry Hill way, take Witton Willy and :

“FIGHT” :lol:

Big games demand a big performance and I am sure we will get one from our team. Come on the Albs, Onwards and Upwards!!

We should settle this the Harry Hill way, take Witton Willy and :


Trouble is they are not as big in the cold weather CJ ! :blush:

See u at Curzon for £2.50 worth !

this will be a tough game, but this squad is capable of getting a result here, so come on you reds get behind the team to see witton march onwards. come on witton.

Any weather updates from Ashton?

I had an email about 10:30am this morning from their Secretary and the game is currently on.

I’ve just been up to Ashton, and the weather is nowhere near as bad as here.

I have just phoned Rob Hurst, Curzon’s Secretary, and he has informed me the game is on (unless there is a massive downpour between now and kick off.)

Come on the Albs!!!

Come on the albs, cant make it today gutted