Can anyone give me the actual dates of the deaths of Tom Stellfox and Ethel Stellfox and Sammy Powell?

Ethel would have died sometime in the spring of 1978 because I remember a minute’s silence was held for her before the Cheshire Senior Cup semi-final against Winsford at the Drill Field in the year we beat Northwich in the final.

So if you search the Guardians from about March 1978 onwards it shouldn’t take long to pin down the exact date.

Re Tom and Ethel, i can get them for you, know where Tom is buried

Many thanks CJ. I understood Ethel died in 1974? I will ask Jim about Sam.

Well my memory might be playing tricks over the minute’s silence but I’ll swear it was 1978.

Anyway, the gravestones won’t lie!


Ethel did die mid March 1978 aged 57.

Tom died October 4th 2002 aged 89

And I think you’ll find Sam died early 1970 aged 76

Many thanks Chad and you others. I just want to add a human touch to the book.

Samuel Ernest Powell, Died 30th December 1969, aged 75

Cheers for that Jim.