Debbie help

Debbie or Neil could you please tell me how to insert a picture like the one you inserted of Francis Benali<br>Cheers

dont help him until he shows his identity,he could put something really offending on the forum.

Not 100% sure Francis so I’ll let Deb explain - maybe we could have a sticky topic to help people do it as I’ve been asked a few times.<br>

Ooh - dilemma!! Do I tell "dr. No" how to do this or do I demand to know his identity first? ! ? ! ?<br><br> :D<br><br>

Dr No was me before Debbie, i’ve got a great picture of one of the lads, its not offensive just funny. How do i put it on

Fair’s fair I think!!<br><br>You need to have to photo on the internet already. ?You need to find the web address for it by right clicking on the picture and selecting properties, then copying the web address at the bottom.<br><br>You need to click on the tag with the photo frame on it when typing the message (hover the mouse over it and it will say "insert picture"). ?In between the brackets, you need to paste the web address. ?You need the [ i m g ] at the start, and the [ / i m g ] at the end (without the spaces - only used them so you can see what I’ve typed!)<br><br>If the picture isn’t on the internet but on your computer, you can e-mail it to me and I’ll put it on t’internet. ?If it’s not on your computer but is an actual photograph, you’ll need to scan it in. ?I have a scanner so I can do that for you too if you give me the photo.<br><br>(As long as this photo isn’t illegal/too upsetting/ etc!!!)<br><br> ;D