Derek's Witton teaser

How many of you can answer the following related to Witton’s stay in the Conference?<br><br>On the day we were relegated from the Conference, a current premiership player also an international was on the opposing side.<br><br>He actually scored that day for his team. Who was he?<br><br>Secondly, which Witton manager lost his job after that result relegated us?

I think Peter O’Brien parted company as a manager.

Surely it was Mike Mckenzie ?

ME is right the manager in question was Mike McKenzie but can you answer the other part of the question?

Was it Dichio who played for Welling 5-0 at half time !

Partly right! Danny Dichio was playing he scored a hat trick that day for Welling United they beat us 5-0. The player I’m thinking about is currently playing for a north west club in the premiership and he’s an international.

is it the best and most underatted fullback in the country STEVE FINNAN.

Hey lutkie, where did that one come from?

my superior football knowledge of all things witton and liverpool. also the welling united website. [smiley=cheezy.gif]

Only a matter of time before we can boast of an ex-wittoner as an international - Horsfield for England!!!