Did mike deserve to be sent off

In my view i dont think mike should of beeen sent off at the very worst a yellow card [smiley=ranting.gif] the ref made a lot of mistakes that always seemed to be against us but other than that i think witton played really well considering that they only had 10 men and really look forward when they come to our place. :slight_smile:

When Geoff Boycott was given out LBW by Umpire Dickie Bird he said to him on passing, "That was never out Dickie". The reply? "Check tomorrow’s paper, I think you will find it says it was."!!! No use arguing with the Ref, even when they are useless, for the duration of the game they are "GOD".<br>WHS.

Corbyn!, I thought it was you that I saw at the Match on Saturday!, hows your mum and Deyan!, I didnt know that you were a Wittoner ;D (si by the way your brother did work experiance with me)

i fort i reconised u ?not seen you for ages mums great thanks and deyans got an apprentiship with ian morris if you didnt no already and just finished his first year at collage how are you then

a up m8 its deyan how things goin a start my second year of collage soon things r goin well i will have 2 come and c you 1 day show u how its dun lol deyan