FA Cup 3rd. Qual. Round

<br> Witton at Home to Farsley Celtic

Hardly a money spinning tie so just have to go and beat another Conference North team - and after last season’s shenanakins against Farsley - although not of their making entirely don’t we just deserve too?<br><br>Great chance then to make the final qualifying round and playing like we’ve seen in virtually all of this season’s matches then I hope to be on the end of some great text messages on the 14th.<br><br><br>

what shenanakins?

A home draw is the most we could have hoped for, until the 3rd round when we play United at Old Trafford of course, I was wondering (Chad) when was the last time we got 3 home draws on the trott? come to that when did we last have 3 FA cup ties on the trott?!! :smiley:

My thoughts exactly Chad - he refers to the "goal" they scored after the ref blew his whistle for the offside, everyone stopped then he allowed the goal for something I’ve seen players booked for kicking the ball away!<br><br>My gripe is we have been drawn at home to possibly the 2 worst supported conf nth sides.<br>Can’t complain too much-home tie and all that, the prize money afterall is worth much more isnt it.<br><br>Corby - I hope you’ve got that drum ready… [smiley=banane.gif]

3 home ties I don’t know - but I was joking after we had 3 aways on the trot last season!

3 home ties on the bounce - not so rare as it’s the third time we’ve had them this century. Last time 2003 - Nelson, Holker & Wakefield-Emley. Whilst 2000 actually gave us 4 on the bounce - Oldham T., Atherton Colls, Fleetwood & Burscough

What position are Farlsey in the Conference North?<br>WHS

11th, interestingly 5 places BEHIND Vauxhall at the present.<br><br>They beat Wakefield who are struggling in the Unibond 1 3-0 at home in the last round.<br><br>http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_conf/conference_north_table/default.stm

I agree Neil in that the unlucky aspect is that none of the teams we have faced so far have generated any gate money for us. Not so bad when you win, but to go out at home without getting much financial reward would be unfortunate.

Decent prize money on offer for the game, it has to be a vital game for the club as the gates are falling well below what is needed.

Hopefully we will bring a coach full with us… probably around 50. To be honest I think this will be a tough game for us (Farsley), we havn’t been playing our best football but I still think we have the quality to beat you.

JackP if you read back you are saying the same thing that a vauxhall fan said on here and he came back and admitted to eating humble pie so look forward to seeing you on the day of the game.<br> [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif]

Nice of you to be so upbeat Rob!!!<br><br>Some of us are doing our bit to try and boost attendances.

The expression ‘broken record’ and Rob Sproston seem to go together well… or should that be cd these days?

Andy, thought I was been upbeat, it is a vital game, we all know that attendances are well below what is needed for the wages, I admire your efforts in bringing people through the turnstiles and I admire your efforts in supporting Jim’s budget.<br><br>2 more wins in the FA Cup this season should ensure a very good season for the club and hopefully promotion which is long overdue.<br><br>I may sound like a broken record, but from experience I no that the Chairman will not allow the Club to get into debt.